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Account Hand-Off Template

This template promises a smooth transition for your customers. It can also help improve your customer relations by putting a name to the face of the team member handling the account going forward.
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Once you’ve got a prospect onboard and they're ready to learn more about your product/services, it’s time to hand them off to the point of contact for that account. Get your camera ready and use this account hand-off template to let them know who will be in charge of their account for long-term success.

What is an account hand-off?

An account hand-off is the process of handing a customer account from one person (typically in sales) to the team member who will be in charge of the account in that deal stage. This is a crucial part to the sales cycle as it’s your chance to show the prospect why signing on with your product or service will be worth it.

The problem with the typical hand-off done by phone call or text-based email is the lack of human connection and personalization. However, the best way to overcome this is with a short personalized video.

How to Use the Account Hand-Off Template

An account hand-off video couldn’t be easier to make. One approach is simply using a video recording tool like Vidyard to record and share a personalized video.

Before you make your personalized video, make sure to plan what you want to tell the prospect or customer. One way is to first re-introduce the salesperson and then introduce the person in charge of the account so that they can greet the prospect and talk about the next steps.

Once you’ve planned out what you’re going to say, use Vidyard’s camera recording option and hit the record button. Aim to keep these videos relatively short and straight to the point—like a quick meet and greet.

Send it off in an email with an embedded link and thumbnail, some body text, and an attention-grabbing subject line. From there, watch your connection with the customer thrive and grow.

When to Use the Account Hand-Off Template

You can use this account hand-off template whenever the deal moves from one stage to another, especially when a different person is introduced to handle the account.

This way, you provide a smooth transition in terms of the next steps for the customer, and just in case they have any questions early on, they’ll know who exactly to reach out to.