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Executive Sponsor Introduction Template

This executive sponsor introduction template creates a compelling personal connection between your buyer and a member of your executive team, helping drive your deal forward.
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Use this template to connect buyers with an executive sponsor in a way that’s quick and easy for busy stakeholders to consume. In only a couple of minutes, your executive sponsor can introduce themselves, convey a message that supports your deal in flight, and deliver a white-glove experience that leaves a lasting impression with your buyer—all without having to fit a meeting into everyone’s cramped calendars.

What is an executive sponsor introduction?

When it comes to those big-deal sales that require a high level of trust in your company and solution, introducing an executive sponsor can be just the reassurance your customer needs to sign on the dotted line.

Creating an executive sponsor introduction video is a great way to, well, introduce your executive sponsor. It puts a member of your C-level team in front of the prospective buyer to build a relationship in a way that a plain old email just can’t match.

How to use the Executive Sponsor Introduction Template

If you’d typically get your executive sponsor to write an email or sit in on a meeting, consider swapping those activities out for a quick, digestible video message.

Just sit your executive sponsor down with a screen and webcam recording tool. All they need to do is express the same information that they would typically convey in this type of communication…just in video form instead. (Your executive sponsor may even feel they’re better able to “be themselves” on camera!)

If you need inspiration, refer to the example above. Your executive sponsor can introduce themselves, convey their message (for example, about how your company’s values put your buyer first), and address any questions that may be relevant to the conversation.

Best of all, the video only needs to be a minute or two long, meaning it can more easily fit into the exec’s busy schedule.

Once the video is recorded, just send it along to your buyer as part of your typical sales process.

When to use the Executive Sponsor Introduction Template

Whenever you would introduce an executive sponsor into a deal, use this video template as a vehicle. It can be just what you need to push that deal over the finish line.