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Katherine Caldwell’s Sales Templates

Expert sales coach Katherine Caldwell shares her top three sales video examples to work across your sales cycle. From that first touch, cold outreach to using a video to compare pricing packages to a video template for that late-stage deal that’s stalled—these three templates will get you the meeting and help seal the deal. Examples of these templates are featured as a playlist on this page.
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Katherine Caldwell had much success leveraging video prospecting when she was an SDR. She branched out into the official world of sales training and now heads up Katch Consulting and created her video prospecting program that’s helped countless sales pros book an extra two-to-three meeting per week.

The templates Katherine has shared will help book that initial meeting for SDR or BDRs, but later-stage video templates will help keep the deal moving forward to close.

What Are the Katherine Caldwell Sales Templates?

These three sales video template examples created by Katerine Caldwell are designed to help you book that first meeting, quickly explain the difference between pricing options, and even nudge the deal to close in the latest stage of the process.

Katherine Caldwell’s Cold Outreach Template

You can use this template to introduce yourself to your prospect in a personalized and memorable fashion and highlight some possible challenges the prospect might be facing and how your product or service can help, based on the research or sales discovery you’ve done.

Katherine Caldwell’s Pricing Summary Template

This template lets prospects get warmed up to your pricing before you chat live. You can outline the value of paying for your product or solution. Use this template to deliver a short, informative video walking through your pricing structure before your call.

Katherine Caldwell’s Late Stage Deal Template

Have a deal that is supposed to close next week, but the final decision maker couldn't attend your wrap-up meeting? Remove the chances of your deal stalling and send a video that everyone can watch when it’s most convenient for them. Use this template to tie up loose ends and answer any outstanding questions from the final decision-maker.

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How to Use Katherine Caldwell’s Sales Templates

Katherine’s advice for using any of these sales templates is to keep your tone conversational. Your authenticity will come through, and you’ll be more likely to make a connection.

Katherine also recommends using a framework when starting with video for sales. Her basic framework includes—introduction, observation, problem, solution, and call to action. It’s knowing what you want to say and in what order and adding in plug-in personalization where applicable.

It may seem counterintuitive, but once you’re comfortable, ditch the framework! After you’ve recorded and sent 10-15 video messages, you’ll find your voice and style, which will come naturally to you.

For the cold outreach video, aim to keep it close to a minute in length and really look to emphasize the prospect’s challenges before you jump right into selling. A webcam or selfie-style video works great here. Make sure your background is clean and uncluttered.

Pricing comparisons require a little explanation, but you should still aim to keep it short and to the point—under two minutes. You want to give enough information that the prospect can start to think about which package works best for them, but also encourage them to ask more questions and work through or confirm the best solution synchronously on your next call or communication. Because you’re trying to show and tell, a screen share video works best for this template.

For the late-stage video template, look to keep it under 60 seconds. A selfie-style video would work here, but to emphasize your points extra, try a cam + screen recording so you can illustrate the questions you answer as you speak.

Using a tool like Google Slides or Canva for your screen recording videos can add an elevated design element to your content and give you that extra polish and professionalism in your video message.

And Katherine’s final advice on getting started with video for sales? Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start; just start!

When to Use Katherine Caldwell’s Sales Templates

The awesome thing about these templates is that they cover the entirety of a buying cycle. As the first touch to a prospective buyer, the outbound sales team can leverage the cold outreach template; account managers or executives can use the pricing package mid-funnel to help the buyer find the best solutions for their needs. And the late-stage deal template can act as that gentle reminder to the buyer to get the deal done.

Katherine Caldwell’s Sales Video Templates

Below are the video scripts for each of the three video sales templates covered above for you to use with your prospects.

Cold Outreach Video Script

Intro: Hey [prospect’s name]! No idea how often you get videos like this, but I’m reaching out because I noticed you’re [prospect’s role] at [prospect’s company].

Purpose: [mention a few challenges the prospect may be facing in their role or industry].

Value: [ask the prospect if they have considered a solution similar to your product/service to solve the challenges you pointed out].

Call-to-Action: Let me know if this sounds interesting, I’d be happy to have a conversation and discuss more if this is something you are thinking about or have on your radar.

Thank You: Thank you, [prospect’s name]

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Pricing Summary Video Script

Intro: Hey [prospect’s name]! I just saw your email about scheduling some time to review pricing packages. I am happy to spend some time and book a meeting to discuss that with you.

Purpose: But I also thought it would be helpful to send you this quick video as it may answer all your questions. Feel free to share it internally. I know your [other stakeholders] will probably need to see this as well.

Value: I have pulled up the pricing packages here [demo the pricing packages on your screen]. As you can see, [provide details of the price and value they get for the price, compare and contrast what they get for different pricing levels]. [Emphasize any savings they can get]. [Recommend the package that you think is the best option for them].

Call-to-Action: Let me know if you do have questions, I would be happy to meet with you in real-time if I missed anything

Thank You: Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Late Stage Deal Video Script

Intro:Intro: Hey [prospect’s name]! Thanks again for meeting today to go over [mention the main topic of your last meeting].

Purpose:I know we left off with a couple of questions, so I want to go ahead and address those now. [answer all the questions the prospect and the decision makers didn't get a chance to cover during the call]. I hope that is helpful and that we can get that approved today. Feel free to send this over to your [decision makers’ titles] as well.

Value: [deliver the contact information to one of your customers so they can vouch for your service/product].

Call-to-Action: That should tie up all the loose ends we have here. I will send the final contract over.

Thank You: I am so excited to have you as a partner. Thanks!.

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