Vidyard GoVideo

Speed up and close more deals by
accessing the best content quickly

Since each lead’s needs are different, you need to know how you can relate to them and assuage their unique doubts. Put the most engaging medium to work for you by sending the best, most relevant marketing videos to each lead. You can do it quickly and easily from Gmail and Outlook with Vidyard GoVideo, which means no more scrounging or busywork. All you need to do is focus on following up and closing the deals that are primed and ready for you.


Know where to focus,
when to follow up,
and what to say

Relevant marketing assets and powerful messaging will help you sell, but focus and timing is everything. By alerting you when contacts engage with your video content, Vidyard’s Switchboard helps you identify the most engaged viewers so you can focus on the best deals. Even better, you’ll get intelligence on how much they watched and which parts, so you can tailor your strategy, and close each deal faster and easier.

Viewer Analytics

Quickly determine who to focus on
right now, and what they really want

With buyers doing so much of their own research on your website, landing pages, social, and more, their digital body language tells you exactly what they’re interested in. With viewer analytics on all your video content, including early-stage pitches and late-stage demos, you get insight into each viewer’s behavior. Your team will run more effectively and efficiently, speeding up deals to close more in less time.

Salesforce Integration

Do it all better, easier,
and faster inside Salesforce

Your presentations have to be perfect; thousands of dollars can rest on each one. Video keeps audiences watching longer, so they digest more of your message. Use it to your advantage and turn each pitch into a video that feels like a personalized experience. It’s easy, it’s quick, and, even better than trying to read body language or ambiguous responses, you’ll get all the analytics you need to see who’s truly engaged.