Email Integrations

Send a message prospects will actually want to pay attention to

Your next prospect may be the perfect customer for your product or service. But they’ll never know if they skim or ignore your email. A video converts at two times the rate of other calls to action in email. What’s even better? Easily access the perfect marketing and sales video assets for each lead right inside your email, saving you time and helping you send relevant messages that are most likely to push the deal forward.

Switchboard Reporting

Know exactly when to follow up, and what to talk about

Afraid to follow up at the wrong time and drive away a potential customer? But worried if you don’t, they’ll lose interest? You don’t have to turn your career into a guessing game. After you send your email with video, you’ll be notified when your lead watches the video, so you can follow up at the best time. Even better, you’ll get intelligence on how much they watched, which parts, and how many times, so you can tailor your strategy.

Viewer Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of each person’s needs and interests

With buyers doing so much of their own research on your website, landing pages, social, and more, you need to know what every prospect is interested in. With viewer analytics on all your video content, you get stronger intelligence than simple views or downloads. See each viewer’s history of what they watched, and which parts, so you can get a true understanding of their needs and interests. You’ll know if they’re worth your focus.

Salesforce Integration

Do it all better, easier, and faster inside Salesforce

With no time to waste, you don’t need another cumbersome tool to try to manage. That’s why Vidyard integrates with the CRM platform you already use and trust. Data easily transforms into lead profiles inside Salesforce, so you have all the insights you need on their engagement history. With stronger intelligence and the power to manage it all effectively, you can make tailored, smarter decisions that help close deals.

Personalized Video

Grab the attention of Every. Single. Person.

Some days it feels impossible to get noticed. Don’t enter the screaming match. Instead, get the attention of every single prospect and lead by weaving their name and other personal details right into a video. Imagine getting an email with a video thumbnail that has your name on it! With 500% higher click-through rates, the results of Personalized Video are undeniable. Get ready for a better response than you’ve ever imagined.

Interactive Events

Entice leads to contact you

What if you could make it easier, and even tempting, for your prospects and leads to get back to you? You’ve already engaged them with the most engaging format--video--but then what? Don’t let the video fade to black, or wait and wonder when you should follow up. Add an Interactive Event like a call-to-action or form during or at the end of each video to entice viewers to book a meeting or demo, check out another asset, and more.