Gmail and Outlook Integrations

Speed up and close more deals by
accessing the best content quickly

Your sales team sends countless emails trying to stand out in email inboxes. Even if leads open the email, how do you know if they’re interested? With Vidyard, that’s how. Your sales team will save time and send the most relevant messages by accessing the best marketing assets right inside email. Attract leads, educate them, and entice them for follow-up conversations faster, easier, and more effectively.


Your team will know
exactly when to follow up,
and how to close them

Relevant marketing assets and powerful messaging will help you sell--if leads consume them. Switchboard notifies reps when each lead opens the email and watches the hand-picked video content, as well as how much they watch and which parts. With this intelligence, so each salesperson can make the best use of their time by following up with only engaged leads, and tailoring their strategy to close each deal.

Viewer Analytics

Quickly determine who to focus on
right now, and what they really want

With buyers doing so much of their own research on your website, landing pages, social, and more, their digital body language tells you exactly what they’re interested in. With viewer analytics on all your video content, including early-stage pitches and late-stage demos, you get insight into each viewer’s behavior. Your team will run more effectively and efficiently, speeding up deals to close more in less time.

Salesforce Integration

Manage leads and customers, and even your sales team, from inside Salesforce

Vidyard is designed to help your team become incredibly effective and efficient. That’s why the Video Intelligence Platform integrates with the CRM you already use. See each customer’s viewing history inside their profile, use video to train your team, and even view analytics to find out which leads are engaged, which salespeople have completed their learning, and more. You’ll have the power to make smarter sales decisions.