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with Vidyard for Secure Comms

Transform how you communicate, educate and engage employees with video.

Simple and secure video communications

Discover a better way to communicate. Deliver more impactful onboarding, training, communication and collaboration programs with secure video made simple.

Strengthen your communications strategy with the best communication tool — video.

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Boost employee engagement

Capture their attention and imagination. Easily record and share executive updates, custom video messages and live video streams for your employees. Track detailed audience insights to learn which videos are resonating and how to optimize your content to maximize engagement.

Learn how to drive and measure employee engagement with video.

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Fuel collaboration

Make business personal. Empower your employees to easily share personal video messages and custom screen captures to enhance collaboration and boost productivity. Build closer relationships, improve communication and foster a culture that values personal connection.

Video is the internal comms tool of the future — here’s why.

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Accelerate onboarding and training

Video is the next best thing to being there in person. Reduce ramp time, increase retention rate and deliver a better onboarding experience with secure video content. Vidyard helps you create, publish and track your videos from the comfort of your own desktop – no I.T. required.

Learn how video can turn your workforce into better, happier employees.

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Play safe

Simple and secure are not tradeoffs. Whether you’re publishing videos for your employees, workgroups, partners or customers, Vidyard keeps your content protected with flexible security controls that meet the demands of your I.T. department as well as your users.

The smartest internal communicators look to a video platform to enhance their communications tools. Here’s why.

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