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Your business is now a media company

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Digital channels are noisier than ever

In recent years, we’ve seen significant changes in marketing, sales, and customer service. Businesses are now operating at massive scale through the digitization of processes and automation of communication.

While these technologies have brought about incredible efficiencies, they have also become a victim of their own success. It’s easier than ever for businesses to acquire data about prospects and to communicate with them via automated email, social media, digital ads, and even phone calls.

People are now inundated with dozens of impersonal brand messages and sales pitches every day, leaving them desensitized to traditional marketing and sales tactics. As a result, email response rates continue to decline, people increasingly let their phones go to voicemail, and ad blocking software ensures that Internet users see fewer pop-ups than ever before.

Audiences expect more… and less

All the while, audience behaviors continue to evolve and adapt. Tolerance for irrelevant and impersonal content is at an all-time low (ignore, unsubscribe, next…) while expectations around brand experiences are at an all-time high (educate, inspire, and entertain).

Audiences seek out short-form content that is clear, relatable, and authentic while in the early stages of a buying journey and longer form content that is educational, visual, and trustworthy when making purchase decisions.

Welcome to the era of attention, engagement, and trust

In this new era, businesses must alter how they go to market. To gain attention, they must be timely and interesting. To drive engagement, they must be relevant and valuable. To build trust, they must be authentic and transparent. And more than anything, they must connect with buyers and customers on a more personal level.

These trends are resulting in a massive tailwind for video in business in 2019
“Unlike static formats, video can pack a lot of information into a small but eye-catching package. B2B buyers are wired to process visual information and remember stories, making video an ideal medium with which to engage them.”
A Blueprint For Successful B2B Video Marketing
Forrester, October 2017

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