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Who to follow: Video in business strategy

Learn how to develop a video content strategy and how to embrace a video culture within your marketing and sales teams.

Todd Hartley
Host of the No. 1 podcast on video marketing, Todd runs video production agency WireBuzz and speaks internationally on how to gain attention with video. Follow Todd on Twitter and subscribe to the Video Marketing Mastery podcast.
Marcus Sheridan
One of the most influential voices in video, sales, and inbound strategy, Marcus helps businesses accelerate growth through the power of content that answers the questions buyers are asking. Follow Marcus on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Renee Teeley
Host of Video Marketing for Startups and #MakeItAwesome , Renee is one of the top voices on how to use video content to engage and educate throughout the buyer’s journey. Follow Renee on Twitter and her website.
Tyler Lessard
Host of Vidyard’s Chalk Talks video marketing and video selling series, Tyler is one of the leading voices on video for B2B marketing and sales, and an expert on creating stand-out customer experiences. Follow Tyler on LinkedIn and Twitter.
George B. Thomas
Self-made business video creator extraordinaire, George is one of the top experts on inbound marketing, HubSpot, and creating a video culture in business. Follow George on LinkedIn and the Impulse Creative video blog.

Who to follow: YouTube and social video

Get the latest tips and hacks for optimizing your YouTube channel and social video content to maximize your reach.

Derral Eves
If you’re looking for advice on how to master your YouTube channel and content, look no further than Derral, one of the leading experts and consultants for YouTube video strategy. Follow Derral on YouTube and his website.
Brian Fanzo
Known as the pager-wearing millennial, Brian helps businesses understand how to press the damn button to connect with today’s buyers using video, YouTube, and social media. Follow Brian on Twitter and his iSocialFanz website.
Owen ‘Video’ Hemsath
One of the most sought-after speakers on video marketing, video advertising, and YouTube, Owen Hemsath (a.k.a. Owen Video) offers a wealth of advice on how to crush your social video strategy. Follow Owen on YouTube and Twitter.
Salma Jafri
YouTube video marketer extraordinaire, Salma provides practical and timely advice on how to create a YouTube content strategy and follow through on it. Follow Salma on YouTube and her website.
Nick Nimmin
One of the top voices on the modern world of YouTubing, Nick provides limitless content on how to create YouTube-first videos, how to optimize your content for SEO, and how to use the latest YouTube tech. Follow Nick on YouTube.

Who to follow: Video production and editing

Whether you’re a video production newbie or pro, staying on top of the latest trends on how to produce and edit amazing content is key to success.

Jordy Vandeput and Cinecom
Jordy and the team behind Cinecom are some of the most prolific and most followed creators of content covering video production and video editing tips, hacks, and inspiration. Follow the Cinecom team on YouTube and Twitter.
Peter McKinnon
One of the most-followed independent filmmakers on YouTube, Peter provides amazing tips, hacks, and creative ideas for video production, video editing, and photography. Follow Peter on YouTube and Twitter.
Zach Ramelan
Independent Canadian filmmaker Zach Ramelan shares inspirational content, easy-to-follow tutorials, and video production advice helpful for creators at any level. Follow Zach on YouTube.
Film Riot
One of the most popular sources of ‘how-to’ content for DIY producers, Film Riot covers everything from how to create amazing content using your phone to producing high-end films. Follow Film Riot on YouTube.
Kaiman Wong
Kaiman (a.k.a. Kai W) is a must-follow for anyone interested in video equipment and gear. Kai provides timely, unfiltered reviews of the latest camera gear along with tutorials, tips, and more. Follow Kai on YouTube and Twitter.

15 video marketing blogs to follow in 2019

Stay on top of the latest best practices for video marketing, video production, YouTube, and more with these top video blogs.

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