Resolve Issues Faster With Video

Today’s customers expect to find answers and get support on their terms. Vidyard helps support teams deliver faster, smarter, more personalized customer support through the power of video and viewer analytics.

Record & Send

Record and send custom support videos
for fast, personalized customer service

Record Tutorials Compile Playlists

Record Tutorials, Fast

Capture and send a screen recording video to quickly guide a customer through the steps to solve their problem with ViewedIt by Vidyard.

Compile Playlists

Choose from existing how-to and support videos to create a custom support playlist sent from the case log in Salesforce Service Cloud .

Track Performance

Track videos views tied to customer support cases
inside of Salesforce Service Cloud

See what has been watched Find out what is working

See What They’ve Watched

Put context on what videos a customer has watched at the fingertips of support reps within the case log.

Find Out What’s Working

Run reports and build dashboards on the videos that result in the fastest resolution times.

On Demand

Offer on-demand self-service support videos
to help customers on their own terms

Organize Training Content Embed Videos

Organize Training Content

Create a video support Hub to house and organize video-based training content, accessible on-demand 24/7.

Embed Videos

Embed video resources and hubs in Knowledge base articles and Salesforce Community Cloud for training and support.

Get Feedback

Allow customers to close their own cases
after watching video support content

Continue the Journey Close support cases

Continue the Journey

Use Interactive annotation events in support videos to serve up relevant knowledge base articles, guides and even CSAT surveys.

Close Support Cases

Use interactive CTA's to get customer feedback on whether the video helped resolve the problem without having to place another call to a customer service rep.

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