Showcase Your Video Library

A Vidyard Video Hub is a centralized channel for showcasing your entire video collection on your website, without ever having to touch a line of code.

As a video marketing best practice, you want prospects on your site viewing your content and becoming part of your funnel. A Video Hub is the best way to immerse viewers in your brand and ensure your content is converting.

A Branded Channel on Your Site

  • Create a custom-branded channel for navigating your video assets
  • Build playlists, categories, and tags that best suit your audience
  • Create multiple Video Hubs for different audiences, campaigns, or video types
  • Easily manage, search for, and share your videos

Backed by Vidyard's Powerful Analytics Engine

  • Track attention span, drop-off rates and engagement of all viewers
  • Push viewing data to your MAP and CRM system for better segmentation, scoring and nurturing
  • Know who’s watching your videos and understand how effective your content is

Secure Video Sharing

  • Create private Video Hubs for sharing corporate communications
  • Allow only authorized employees, workgroups or customers to view your content
  • Have a central location for hosting internal town halls, executive briefings and training videos

Improve SEO

  • Gain better search visibility with detailed tags, descriptions and titles
  • Give search engines like Google more content to index
  • Drive more search traffic to your website and engage viewers in
    your brand experience

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