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How to Connect with Your Customers Using Personalized Video

This super-simple personalized video is a highly effective way to connect with customers and prospects. A simple prop that’s related to your prospect’s personal or professional interests is a great tool to help visually communicate that you’ve spent the time to research your prospect and have common ground with them too.

AJ Amiel from #paid uses video to share his interest in candles and candle-making with a prospect at Lafco, a high-end artistic aromatherapy candle brand. AJ uses a big bag of candle wax to draw the viewer’s attention while establishing a common connection and showing off his personality. That’s the power of video: it creates opportunities to build connections between video creator and viewer.

Why This Type of Video Works for Connecting with Customers

In sales, as in “regular” life, we as people are naturally drawn to those who are similar to us. In psychology, this is often referred to as the “affinity bias.”

In simple terms, the affinity bias says that we have a tendency to connect with people who share our interests, experiences, and backgrounds. And while too much affinity bias can lead us to make poor decisions, there is a sweet spot that we can use to create natural connections with people.

The important word here is natural connections. When it comes to using this type of video effectively, it’s important to connect with people through genuine interests and experiences.

As AJ mentions in his video, candle making isn’t his favorite hobby, but he loves candles so much that he decided to try it anyway. Not only is this an effective way of communicating shared interests, but it’s also a humorous and charming way to express and show off personality.

How to Record a Video to Connect with Customers

A personalized video like this one is super simple to pull off. All you need is a little bit of time, a relevant prop, and a webcam.

What You’ll Need to Make This Type of Video

#1: A Webcam or Other Video Recording Device

A simple webcam or “selfie-style” video like this can be recorded from your computer’s webcam, with Vidyard’s Google Chrome extension, or using the camera on your phone.

#2: Research

In order to pull this off, you’ll need to do a little bit of research on your prospect or customer, but you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to make this effective. Use LinkedIn to find some legitimate commonalities with your prospect or customer.

Don’t pick something generic like where they went to school, unless you know for sure you lived on the same dorm floor at the same time. Don’t try to manufacture common interests because your brother’s cousin-in-law’s best friend happens to be from the same alma mater.

Use this as an opportunity to get to know your prospect a little bit and connect with them on something you both have in common, like beer. Or, you can take the same approach as AJ did in the video and connect with their professional interests, perhaps by engaging with their product in your video.

#3: A Relevant Prop

A bottle of beer, blazin’ hot wings, candle wax…whatever it is that helps you communicate your legitimate shared interest with your prospect or customer. Not only does a prop help you show off a shared interest, but it’s also a great way to stand out and add an extra element to your video. Feel free to get creative! Use the prop in an interesting way to get and keep your viewers hooked.

Time to Get Started

Now you’re all set. Use Vidyard as an easy way to create video messages to communicate your shared interests and connect with customers and prospects in a whole new way.

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