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Why Your Video Should Focus on Your Prospect’s Interests

It may sound oversimplified, but it’s true: Your prospect’s interests matter when video prospecting. In order to stand out from the crowd and get responses, you want to make your subject (the prospect) the center of attention. What better way to do it than by focusing on their interests?

When Kayla from Domino Data Lab found out her prospect was a Jay-Z fan, she made a personalized video and rapped her way into booking a successful meeting. But you don’t have to be spittin’ fire to connect with your prospect’s interests. What’s effective about Kayla’s video is not what she does (although that’s impressive in itself) but how she does it—with a well-researched and creative way of standing out.

Not only does Kayla do a great job of homing in on her prospect’s interests to make a personal connection, but she also references the prospect’s presentation, communicating the way that she has made an effort to understand her prospect’s needs and problems.

Why This Type of Video Works for Video Prospecting

With so many emails, messages, and ads competing for attention, a personalized video is a great way to book more meetings, reduce no-shows, and close more deals. A video that is focused on your prospect’s interests takes this a step further.

Not only does it grab attention, it’s also a great way to make your prospect the star of the show. Plus, you can use this as an opportunity to show off your own personality, building a relationship with a prospect before you even meet. There’s no better way to speed up and close more deals than to have a prospect feel like they already know you before you start your sales process.

When you commit to making your prospect the center of attention, you play on some important psychological hacks that are proven to keep a viewer engaged. We’re biased (in the best way) to associate with people and things that share our interests, experiences, and perspectives.

How to Make This Type of Video for Video Prospecting

Don’t be intimidated by Kayla’s lyrical genius. There are lots of ways that you can connect with your prospect’s interests that don’t rely on any sort of musical talent or rapping ability. The important thing is to find legitimate common ground in something that you can both connect on. Remember, don’t force it.

If you’re struggling to find something in common, express your interest as genuine curiosity and use this as an opportunity to connect that way. Make your prospect feel special because, well, they are! A video like this one can be the start of a great professional relationship.

What You’ll Need to Make This Type of Video

#1: The Right Recording Resources

Making this kind of video is easy. All you need is a webcam, a microphone, a recording tool like Vidyard’s browser extension or desktop app, and a will to get in front of the camera. Don’t be afraid to record a few takes, but don’t strive for a flawless result, either. You’re making a connection, not perfection!

#2: Research

If you want to make that personal connection with your prospect through common interests, you need to know what those interests are. Check out their LinkedIn and other social channels to see what they’re passionate about.

Think outside the box, too: Maybe they have a profile on their company’s website that you can comb for ideas, or maybe they contribute posts to the corporate blog.

#3: Creativity

Remember how Kayla turned a shared love for Jay-Z into a rapped pitch? Similarly, another seller used his interest in candles to get a foot in the door at an aromatherapy company.

Don’t just cop out with a “You like X? I like X! Let’s book a meeting.” Brainstorm how to make that connection into a talking point between the two of you. Bonus points: Find a way to relate it to your pitch. It’ll make the video more entertaining for your prospect to watch…and an entertained prospect is an engaged prospect.

Time to Get Started

You might feel a little silly riffing on shared interests in front of the camera. (Kayla probably felt a little weird rapping for a potential customer.)

But your prospects are more than likely to appreciate the time you took to research and establish that personal link. They’ll also enjoy the content of an informal, entertaining video way more than a stodgy, by-the-numbers pitch. Use Vidyard to give it a try for yourself.

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