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Why a Screen Recording Tool is the Ultimate Sales Prospecting Hack

We know that prospecting is hard. It’s one of the biggest reasons Vidyard was created in the first place. With so much competition and so much noise, it’s difficult to stand out in a prospect’s inbox. A simple screen recording video is an amazing way to send a personalized message that actually gets results.

A video like this one is easy to create. Rather than a long, boring, impersonal text-based email, a screen-recorded video means that the sky’s the limit. A great way to connect with a prospect on a first touch outreach is to make a screen recording of your walk-through of their LinkedIn profile, showing that you’ve done some research and can tailor your value prop to meet their unique role or needs.

Why This Type of Video Works for Sales Prospecting

Sure, you’re already tailoring your prospecting emails based on the research you’ve done about your prospect and their company. We bet you do your best to connect with personalized anecdotes or specific interests from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile. But a screen share video like the one above is a great way to “hack” the process and stand out from all the other prospecting emails that hit their inbox.

Using a prospect’s LinkedIn profile in your videos immediately draws attention. Here’s why: We’re hard-wired to recognize ourselves. While this phenomenon of self-recognition first develops for most of us around 24 months of age, it’s something that sticks with us.

The added benefit of video as a communication tool is that it allows us to simultaneously present audio and visual information. A picture of our face combined with someone using our name is a powerful way to grab attention. A screen share doesn’t need to stop at a LinkedIn profile when it comes to sales prospecting videos. You can use screen share to overlay your webcam video on a prospect’s homepage, a blog article written by your prospect, a marketing video they feature in, or a recent podcast episode they’ve been on.

There are lots of opportunities to get creative in the way that you approach sales prospecting videos.

The key here is to create something that is personal and relevant to your prospect. Remember, your goal here is to grab attention, and nothing grabs our attention better than things we know, have an interest in, and identify with.

How to Make This Type of Video for Sales Prospecting

We bet this sales prospecting video will be a format you come back to again and again. While it’s easy to record, what you’ll really love is just how effective it is at getting more responses and booking more meetings.

What You’ll Need to Make This Type of Video

#1: Screen and Camera Recording Software

In order to pull off this sales prospecting video, you’ll need recording software that allows you to record your webcam and screen simultaneously. With Vidyard’s browser extension or desktop app, you can record and share videos right from your computer.

#2: Your Prospect’s LinkedIn Profile or Website

In order to stand out and grab a prospect’s attention, you’ll need to pull up something relevant to your prospect. A LinkedIn profile is a great way to immediately grab attention, show off that you’ve done your research, and personalize your pitch to something that is directly relevant to your prospect.

Remember, the point of this video is to make it all about your prospect and their goals. How do you provide value for them, and how can you integrate that into your sales prospecting video?

Time to Get Started

This simple sales prospecting hack is sure to be one of your favorite outreach tools. Use Vidyard to give it a try the next time you want to book more meetings and close more deals.

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