Video Takes on a New Life in Business

The Changing Face of Business Communications

Video’s momentum as a format of choice for both consumers and business professionals continues to accelerate. In recent years, video publishing and consumption have skyrocketed, with many businesses expanding their use of video from brand marketing and social media to digital marketing, content marketing, inside sales, customer support, employee training, internal communications, and more.

Meanwhile, consumer platforms like Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and a myriad of on-demand streaming services are transforming how we think about video as a modern content medium. Video is no longer viewed as a premium service reserved for large brands and advertisers. It’s now regarded as a highly accessible, on-demand content format that’s easy to capture, quick to share, more authentic and trustworthy, and much more personal.

These expectations are now permeating the business world—setting the stage for significant changes not just in how we leverage video content, but in how we deliver messages, tell stories, and engage audiences in the years ahead.

It’s Time to Ask the Critical Question

While most businesses are still getting their feet wet with video, many are pacing ahead of the curve by making video creation and visual storytelling core competencies of their teams. They’re bringing video production capabilities in-house, experimenting with do-it-yourself creation and sharing tools, and investing in new technologies to manage growing libraries of both public and private video content.

In 2020, businesses need to move beyond questions like “Why video?” or “How do I get going?” The big question they’ll need to start answering is: “How do I make video a natural, integrated, and strategic part of how our business engages our audiences?”

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