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Join the live online experience of this year’s biggest video marketing summit, broadcast from San Francisco on Nov. 9-10, starting at 9:00am PST. Check out the full schedule below and tune in to discover a new perspective on video marketing.

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Day 1 – November 9, 2016 (all times in PST)

9:15 AM

We’re quickly moving from the Information Age to the Age of Experience where buyers demand a very different engagement model with brands and vendors. Explore what this shift means for modern marketing and sales teams and what role video will play in the future of customer communications.

9:35 AM

Many marketers struggle to make their business content more compelling. The solution to this problem is something we all know and love — a good story. To free your content from the "feature this, function that" humdrum, you need to reconnect with the three core principles of post-digital storytelling: understand your buyers, strike an emotional chord, and use content to deliver value. Video is the perfect vehicle for conveying your story in ways that are helpful, handy and more human. In this session, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Laura Ramos, explores why video storytelling is a key requirement to any B2B content marketing strategy and how video can transform your message from unremarkable to extraordinary.

10:20 AM

With over 8 billion videos played every day on Facebook and more than 10 billion more on Snapchat, it’s no secret that video consumption is exploding on social media. But what does it really mean for B2B brands and what do you need to consider when developing a social video strategy? Join Todd Hartley, host of Video Marketing Mastery, for an interactive discussion with industry thought leaders on how video is transforming social and what it today’s brands need to consider as develop their video marketing strategy.

11:15 AM

Video isn’t just a tactic. It can and should be a central component of your larger creative strategy. This session delves into big-idea creative campaign planning that casts video as the lead actor. We’ll include plenty of fun and inspirational examples of successful B2B marketing campaigns designed around a central video strategy. Walk away with a new perspective on the role that video can play in your creative planning and campaign strategies.

12:00 PM
12:50 PM

It’s no longer just about brand videos and view counts. Video is playing an increasingly vital role throughout the entire customer lifecycle to help generate demand, educate buyers, onboard new clients and build better relationships with customers. Join digital marketing leaders who have built successful video marketing programs to learn how they’ve re-imagined the customer journey through the eyes of a video strategy. Discover how they’ve prioritized content production activities, which videos they’re producing in-house versus outsourced, how they justified their growing investments and what they’ve learned along the way. We’ll discuss what you need to consider when launching a video program, how to measure ROI, and the metrics for building the case to scale your video programs.


  • Mark Floisand, CMO, Coveo
  • Stephanie Totty, Content Strategy Manager, ExamSoft
  • Travis Bickham, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Tradeshift
  • Pat Oldenburg, Director of Digital Marketing and Operations, ServiceMax
1:50 PM

Video has become an integrated part of the content marketing, demand generation, product marketing, social media and brand programs at SolarWinds. Leading a small team of in-house video producers and creative experts, René has built out a strategic video marketing team that is helping SolarWinds produce hundreds of videos every year across dozens of products and target audiences with amazing results to show for it. But it wasn’t always easy and demanded a change in culture, new processes, and the right group of people to make it work. Gain first-hand insight on how to build out a video marketing practice and what you need to consider to set yourself up for success.

2:50 PM

Join Tim Riesterer, co-author of “The Three Value Conversations,” as he introduces original research that offers fresh, counterintuitive ideas for creating content that improves persuasion and conversions. Conducted with an expert in messaging, the studies reveal tested and proven ways to improve your content by basing it on principles grounded in the decision-making sciences. Learn how to introduce “unconsidered needs” to create the context for urgency, create contrast between your prospect’s current state and future state, and use risk and resolution to point your prospect to a new and safer alternative to what they’re doing today.

3:40 PM

Video has gone from brand to demand, and is now a mainstay in modern marketing organizations. But this is only the tip of iceberg when it comes to where video for business is heading. Join Michael Litt, CEO of Vidyard, to discuss the latest benchmarks in B2B video marketing and what the latest trends suggest for the future of video across the business. Learn how innovative brands are now using video throughout the entire customer lifecycle and why video for sales is poised to have a major impact on sales efficiency and effectiveness.

4:15 PM

Zach King is a filmmaker, Instagrammer, YouTuber and overall social media sensation thanks to his imaginative approach to video content creation and distribution. As the winner of the 2016 Shorty Award for Best Vine Star, Zach understands how to get someone’s attention, deliverable a memorable experience, and leave them wanting more...in just 6 seconds. Learn how Zach has embraced the power of video and storytelling to connect with millions around the world and what we, as modern marketers and businesses, can learn from his success.

Day 2 - November 10, 2016 (all times in PST)

9:15 AM

The video marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last five years, but are you ready for what’s coming next? Join Michael Litt and Devon Galloway, co-founders of Vidyard, to discover what’s new and what’s on the horizon for the future of marketing and selling with video.

10:00 AM

Although sales and marketing alignment is essential for account-based marketing (ABM), what is the real key to success? Personalization! It is the single activity that marketing and sales teams must use to engage their audience and drive revenue. Join us to learn how to implement an effective ABM strategy to identify, segment, and target visitors with specific, personalized messages across multiple channels and content mediums. See how video content plays a critical role and how you can enable sales to deliver more personalized messages.

11:00 AM

Video is more than creativity. It needs strategy. Demand Spring revenue marketing and video experts will discuss the top pillars for a successful video marketing campaign. More than just graphs, charts, and videos, President Mark Emond will be interviewing top video marketers in the B2B space, covering topics such as how they produce content, how they measure ROI of video campaigns, what technologies they use to bring in results, and how they optimize their video content. Expect to see some original benchmark research, and real-life video marketing triumph stories.


  • Linda West, 2015 Video Marketing Trailblazer award winner
  • Andrew Davis, 2015 Breakout Video Marketer award winner
  • Brendan McCrann, Manager of Video Marketing, Demand Spring
  • Jeff Gadway, Director of Product Marketing, Vidyard
11:55 AM
12:50 PM

Content strategy continues to be dominated by text, but in a world where video outperforms copy marketers must learn how to use a video-first approach to content. Jeremy will walk you, step-by-step through the process of how to port elements of your content marketing strategy to video. Along the way he will point out the 30 best practices Epipheo has learned about how to produce and market video content through our experience in creating over 3,000 videos for our B2B, Consumer, and NFP clients.

1:40 PM

B2B buyers have radically changed and we, as marketers, need to keep pace. Join Sangram Vajre, industry thought leader and CMO of Terminus, to learn about the key trends that are shaping his marketing strategy and how video marketing plays a critical role across each and every program. Discover how Terminus delivers targeted events and account-based marketing programs to identify and accelerate high-potential deals, and how they use scrappy, targeted and personalized videos for sales prospecting. Walk away with practical ideas for how to use video in creative ways across your digital marketing programs.

2:40 PM

You’re inspired to do more with video and understand how it fits throughout the buyer’s journey, but how do you produce dozens, or even hundreds, of videos to satiate your buyer’s needs without blowing your budget? Join Charity Newsome for practical tips on how to rapidly expand your video library on a shoestring budget based on their own experiences at Elemica. Learn what technologies are enabling everyday people do to high quality production, how to identify and prioritize your video production activities, the resources you really need to get started with in-house production, and how to generate a massive Return On Interns.

3:30 PM

Looking for creative new ideas to take your marketing programs for “meh” to “WOW!”? Join us on the main stage to see awe-inspiring examples of video marketing as we celebrate the winners of the 2016 Video Marketing Awards. Discover the most impactful video marketing programs of 2016 and learn each winner’s secret to success. Take away some amazing inspiration to help fuel your own marketing programs in the months and years to come.


Tyler Lessard Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard

Chief Marketing Officer


Laura Ramos Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos

VP & Principal Analyst

Forrester Research

Todd Hartley Todd Hartley

Todd Hartley



Victor Haseman Victor Haseman

Victor Haseman

Marketing Director, Video Strategy


Marissa Kraines Marissa Kraines

Marissa Kraines

Sr. Manager Social and Content


Brian Maschler Brian Maschler

Brian Maschler

Chief Creative Officer

Bulldog Solutions

Carol Krol Carol Krol

Carol Krol


Demand Gen Report

Travis Bickham Travis Bickham

Travis Bickham

Head of Enterprise Marketing


Mark Floisand Mark Floisand

Mark Floisand

Chief Marketing Officer


Pat Oldenburg Pat Oldenburg

Pat Oldenburg

Director of Digital Marketing


Stephanie Totty Stephanie Totty

Stephanie Totty

Content Strategy Manager


René Lego René Lego

René Lego

Director of Video


Tim Riesterer Tim Riesterer

Tim Riesterer

Chief Strategy Officer

Corporate Visions

Zach King Zach King

Zach King

Film Maker, YouTube & Vine Personality

Michael Litt Michael Litt

Michael Litt

Co-Founder & CEO


Charm Bianchini Charm Bianchini

Charm Bianchini

Sr. Director Enterprise Marketing


Mark Emond Mark Emond

Mark Emond


Demand Spring

Andrew Davis Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis

Senior Media Specialist


Linda West Linda West

Linda West

Director of Digital Marketing


Jeremy Pryor Jeremy Pryor

Jeremy Pryor

CEO & Digital Strategist


Sangram Vajre Sangram Vajre

Sangram Vajre



Charity Newsome Charity Newsome

Charity Newsome

Director of Corporate Marketing