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Wow Your Buyers and Win More Deals

Your buyers are changing. Are you? Stand out with prospects, tell better stories, and wow your customers with AI-powered video messaging, video hosting, and buyer engagement solutions.

A screenshot of a presentation with Vidyard's screen recorder browser extension open and ready for the user to start recording

Hundreds of thousands of businesses trust Vidyard to unlock new revenue

Win more deals with Vidyard

Email isn’t dead, but it sure feels stiff. Vidyard helps you connect with more prospects, keep them engaged, and deliver buying experiences they’ll actually love

Selling without Vidyard

  • Your message looks like any other email in your prospect’s inbox
  • Buyers want to learn on their own time, but you rely on meetings
  • Difficult to make personal connections when selling remote

Selling with Vidyard

  • Stand out with video messages that pique curiosity and increase response rates
  • Deliver amazing buying experiences with on-demand demos, walkthroughs, and more
  • Build familiarity and earn trust by engaging stakeholders with personalized videos
AI Avatars

Create personalized sales videos at scale

Easily generate high-quality video messages at scale with a hyper-realistic AI avatar that looks and sounds just like you. Use and reuse your avatar to create personalized sales videos with just a written script.

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A screenshot of a Linked profile with Vidyard's Vidyard Screen and Webcam Recorder superimposed on top of it. The user can see several AI Avatars in the Vidyard tool and the ability to generate a video with AI is displayed. A webcam recording bubble is also present in the screenshot, showing the current user.

Save time and get back to high-value selling activities by using AI to quickly generate videos

Scale your video outreach with AI generated videos, without losing the human-touch

Personalize every video message by easily updating a script. No need to re-record.

Video Messaging

Stand out and add a personal touch

Connect with more prospects and move deals forward with Vidyard Video Messages, the easiest way to create and share eye-catching sales videos.

  • Stand out from the crowd with personalized video messages, custom demos, and more
  • Send videos by email, LinkedIn, Salesloft, HubSpot, and the list goes on...
  • Use AI to make video recording a breeze
A screenshot of an email inside an email app. The email is from a salesperson, providing a quick overview of a proposal walk-through meeting. The email also contains a video labeled “Proposal | 3 minutes.” The video features a smiling, waving woman.

“Vidyard allows us to showcase our personality and create that important human connection. Video has been far more effective at engaging and converting prospects, it’s just more modern.”

Roger Bernardino

Roger BernardinoVP of Business Development @ 1Huddle

Automated Prospecting

Automate outbound selling with AI-powered prospecting

Find the right leads, send hyper-personalized emails, and book more meetings with help from AI.

  • Search billions of profiles automatically
  • Generate and send sales emails with AI
  • Send automatic followup emails
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A screenshot of an email. The email is from a salesperson at a company called Upilia, reaching out to a prospective client. The email includes a link to the salesperson’s meeting calendar and a video that features a smiling, waving man in the thumbnail.
AI Script Generator

Make video creation a breeze with AI

Simplify video planning and unleash your creativity with Vidyard’s AI Script Generator, your new sales sidekick.

An illustration of an AI pitch generator being told to write a 30-second sales pitch for Upilia, a product that helps boost workflow management. Below the prompt, the AI-created pitch is shown.
An illustration of an AI pitch generator being told to write a 30-second sales pitch for Upilia, a product that helps boost workflow management. Below the prompt, the AI-created pitch is shown.

Never get stuck on what to say in your sales videos.

Harness the power of AI to craft personalized scripts for each prospect.

Spend less time recording and more time selling.

“Vidyard has helped us increase response rates, shorten deal cycles, and break into new markets. Honestly, I can’t imagine living without this tool, I wouldn’t know what to do if it was taken away from me.”

Klara Ahlgren

Klara AhlgrenAccount Executive @ Younium

Business Video Hosting

Unleash the power of video

Upload, publish and track all your videos with Vidyard Video Hosting. From marketing to sales and beyond, Vidyard makes it easy to humanize your messages and scale video across your business.

  • Manage and analyze your growing library of demos, webinars, sales videos, and more
  • Optimize your videos to maximize viewer engagement
  • Leverage advanced video analytics to identify, track, and convert your viewers
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A screenshot of a Vidyard user’s video library. Multiple videos and video organization folders are visible. One video is highlighted, titled “Running Effective Discovery Calls,” with a listed view count of 239 views.

“Vidyard has changed the way we engage our buyers and has been a huge productivity boost for our team. I suspect we’d have a riot on our hands if we tried to take Vidyard away!”

— Jennifer Wilford, VP of Operations, Solutions Consultants @ Ceridian

An illustration of the cover of a report, titled “The Value of Video: Adopting a Video-Centric Approach for Internal and External Clients.” The cover illustration includes a screenshot of a video featuring a smiling, waving woman. A page of the report peeks out from behind the cover page, showing text and a chart.

The Value of Video: Read the eBook by Pavilion & Vidyard

Read firsthand accounts from real-world sales and customer service leaders about how they’re using video to amp up their sales processes and streamline internal communications.

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