Free Screen and
Webcam Recording

It’s never been easier to create and share videos that get results. With Vidyard’s free screen recording tools, you can transform your prospecting communications, customer presentations, and team updates into videos that help your message get heard.

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Vidyard’s free screen recording tool creating videos that are easily sharable.

Ad-Free Screen Recording and Hosting

Just getting started with video? Already a video pro? No matter your skill level, Vidyard is a fast and friendly way to put video to work for your business.

  • Video creation and hosting
  • Easily share your videos through email or add them to your website
  • Control your content: Vidyard plans never contain in-video or on-page ads

Use AI to Generate More Sales Opportunities

Use Vidyard Video Messages to guide buyers through a sale—whether you’re booking meetings, sending follow-ups, or speeding up the sales cycle. Our AI Script Generator helps you create personalized scripts for each video in a flash.

A woman waving her hand while recording a video.
  • Never get stuck on what to say in a sales video again.

  • Harness the power of AI to craft personalized video scripts tailored to each prospect.

  • Reach a larger pool of prospects while maintaining an individualized touch.

More Than Just Free Screen Recording

  • Create

    Upload an existing video or record your own with the Vidyard Screen and Webcam Recorder.

  • Share

    Embed your video on your website, send it in emails, or share it on social media with just a few clicks.

  • Track

    Get notified the moment your video has been watched (and see who watched it, and for how long).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Vidyard for?

Vidyard is for everyone! Salespeople, marketers, customer support reps, developers, designers, product managers, teachers, and more all love Vidyard. It’s perfect for anyone with a story they want to tell using video.

How long is the video link available for?

We’ll never delete your video. As long as you still have your link, you (and anyone you shared the link with) will have access to your video.

Where can I find my recordings?

When you finish recording your video, you’ll be automatically taken to your video’s page. You can also open the Vidyard app to navigate your full Video Library and search your videos, get sharing links, or delete videos you don’t need.

How can I share my videos?

Find the video you want to share in your Video Library and click the Share button. You can share your videos using Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or by simply copying the video link. You can also embed your videos into your website. Downloading is available for paid accounts.

Can I upload videos?

Yes! You can upload an unlimited number of videos. We support MP4s, MOVs, WMVs, and probably every other format you’re likely to come across.

Is there a recording limit?

Recording is limited to 1 hour per video.

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