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The State of B2B Video Marketing: Demand Metric and Vidyard Present Benchmarks Report

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B2B Video Marketing Benchmark ReportThere are plenty of stats out there revealing just how popular video marketing is, but together with Demand Metric, we wanted to take a calculated look at the state of the video marketing industry as it relates to B2B companies in particular.

We wanted to understand more about where companies fall along the spectrum of activity that is video marketing. We wondered, for example, are most B2B marketers at the stage where they’re creating their own videos in-house with dedicated creative teams? What are the main challenges people associate with video even though the barriers to entry have never been lower? What video distribution methods have proven to be the most worthwhile?

That said, today we’re thrilled to present the Demand Metric B2B Video Marketing Benchmark and Best Practices Report. Here’s a video preview summing up a taste of what the report has to offer:

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  • For 63% of B2B marketers, video spending is on the rise. Click to Tweet
  • Only 19% of marketers list conversion as an objective, but video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%! Click to Tweet
  • 82% of B2B marketers experience reported success with video marketing initiatives. Download the benchmark report! Click to Tweet.

Download the Report!

We’ve presented a sampling of the research findings here, but you can download the full report to explore where you fit on the spectrum based on your current video marketing practices.

Download the B2B benchmark report

Based on the collective research, what do you find most surprising? Let us know in the comments below, and update us on where you stand on some of the benchmarks included!

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what the heck when I'm trying to download something from your page my antivirus is blocking all the content sain' is a harmful page, bla, bla 


Great insights here. And I love the overview video, very well put together. Could you share who you used to produce that video?


@AaronHughes1 Thanks Aaron, appreciate the feedback. Like many of our videos, this one was produced in-house by our very own video and creative producer, Blake Smith! And our internal creative design team produced all the graphics. In a world where content is king, having a top-notch creative team really pays off. That said, if you're looking for recommendations for production agencies that can produce videos like these for reasonable budgets let me know and we're happy to give you some ideas.


@TylerLessard @AaronHughes1 Thanks Tyler, it's definitely top-notch. I've been seeing more and more about the surge of b2b video marketing, and have kept my eyes open to see if I come across these lead-gen assist type videos (report or white paper overviews, etc.) and if they seem to be effective and in-demand in the b2b marketing space. Have you seen these types of lead gen videos start to crop up? I think it could be a huge opportunity for companies to get more downloads of their white papers, guides, reports and other assets.


@AaronHughes1 @TylerLessard Yes, we're definitely seeing an increase in the use of video content in outbound marketing campaigns, and also as 'teasers' to promote other pieces of content like we did here. We're also seeing more people put thumbnails for video clips in their email signatures and also using video as the primary CTA in email campaigns. Looks like the future of the Internet is television  :-)


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