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Are you on Woo Woo? See how Adobe Crushes it With Video Marketing

3 minute read
Adobe marketing cloud wins with video campaign

Us marketers spend a ton of time telling everyone what our brand is all about. “We’re the Uber of the food industry”, or “We’re the…

Track Exactly Who’s Watching Your Videos in Emails

2 minute read
Track video engagement from your emails

As online video becomes increasingly popular, the methods you can use to distribute videos are increasing too. From social media channels, blog posts, NFC tags,…

Why You Need to Start Thinking Like a Media Brand

4 minute read

As a marketer, you’re looking to create a feeling with your content. You know the one. The feeling you get right after you watch an…

Research to Revenue: How to Master Social Selling

3 minute read
Social Selling Jill Rowley

People don’t like to be interrupted. They don’t like to be ‘pitched’ and they certainly don’t like to be cold-called. These opinions are more prevalent…

Good Idea? Tailoring Video to the Buying Journey

0 minute read

Your animated explainer video may be flabbergastingly good. I mean mint … spot on … even perfection. But it’s only as amazing as your top…

20 Tweetable Tips from Ignite 2014

1 minute read

With so many great content marketers under one roof, it’s hard not to want to share every bit of advice they brought to Ignite this…

Correctly Reporting on Content Marketing

4 minute read

Content marketing is a hot topic, but proving the value of your content programs has become one of the biggest challenges (even more so than…

Creating Targeted B2B Content with Account Based Marketing

3 minute read
account based marketing

65-90% of the buying process happens before a prospect even raises their hand. Before they request a demo. Before they download a whitepaper. Before you…

5 Things You Need to Know Before Creating an Animated Explainer Video

3 minute read

Did you know that customers who watch an explainer video are 85% more likely to purchase your product than those who don’t? Animated explainer videos are simple bites of product information that allow a consumer to make informed decisions…

Top Takeaways From Ignite Keynote Speakers

4 minute read

As the doors to the historic Bentley Reserve opened last Wednesday morning, we welcomed 175 excited attendees into the Vidyard-green venue for a day of…