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How to Make Your Video Production Budget Go Further

2 minute read
Video Production Budget

One thing I’ve learned about video production: it can be expensive. Between the shoots and edits and approvals and versioning, you can blow through a lot of money very fast.  So, the question is: How do you create a high volume of high quality videos at a…

The Art of Creating Conference and Event Videos People Actually Like

3 minute read
Event videos

Event season is upon us. We all know it. It’s the time that we work wacko hours developing booth graphics, coming up with off-the-wall swag ideas, planning crazy parties, and ultimately building a way-too-cool event presence. Or at least that’s what we hope. And it all starts…

Make Your Video Start Playing at a Specific Timestamp

2 minute read
Video Timestamp

One of the great things about providing video content to your site visitors is that it provides you with a media-rich way to define the content journey for your audience. At the end of your video, your choices are endless. You can provide viewers with supplemental content,…

Posting Video Content Online: 5 Essential Considerations

2 minute read
Online Video

Video is now an established part of many online marketing strategies, providing an engaging form of media that can easily be viewed and shared. However before video is used as part of your strategy, there are 5 key considerations to make sure your video achieves its goals….

Kick the Boring Right Out of Your Video Interview Questions with These 10 Tips

5 minute read
Interview Questions

As you know, video is the best way to engage with your prospective and current customers. The medium works exceptionally well for interview-style videos, including brand culture shoots and customer case studies. Videos can make traditional interview testimonials actually enjoyable (and since customer testimonials are one of…

How to Build a Video Marketing Budget [Free Template!]

3 minute read
video budget

The majority of marketers are making, watching, and sharing videos. It’s hard to even be on the web without encountering a video. And lucky for us, it’s becoming more and more financially accessible. Which means the need for giant video marketing budgets is dwindling. Your budget will,…

9 Smart Examples of B2Bs Using Video for Demand Generation

2 minute read
Video for Demand Gen

We frequently go on and on about how video can be more than a high-level brand awareness tool, and can, instead be used strategically to engage more prospects, generate more leads, and impact other influential marketing activities. So we figured, why not show you some examples of…

Video Promotion: Do It Right, And It Can Be Your Magic Potion!

0 minute read
Video Promotion

We’re all in the same boat when it comes to videos that we need to promote: we can’t just do it by rote. You need to be creative (maybe use a flute-playing goat?). But more importantly, if you want to do more than just stay afloat, get…

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Video

3 minute read
Music for Video

The importance of music in video is indisputable. It’s what commands an audience to sit up and pay attention, and when used correctly, it can make your video memorable and moving. On the flipside, an unwise choice of soundtrack can give the impression that your content is…

B2B and Mobile: Why you should be Thinking of the Mobile Video Experience, too

2 minute read
b2b mobile

Just last month, Google announced that as of April 21st, 2015 mobile experience will start to play a key role in page ranking on mobile devices. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise given that mobile optimization has been a hot topic of conversation for…