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Discover Vidyard's Latest Product Updates

We're constantly adding new features and enhancements to help you stand out with prospects, tell compelling stories, and wow your customers. Take a look at these new product updates!

How to stitch videos together in Vidyard

Save Time and Takes with Video Stitching

Enhanced editing for faster and stress-free video creation. Easily combine 2 or more videos and create flawless content without the pressure of perfecting one-take recordings.

  • Record your videos in shorter sections.
  • Reuse popular and polished content.
  • Update and personalize what matters most.
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A rep excited to be automating his prospective efforts with ai powered Vidyard Prospector

Automate Sales Outreach With the Power of AI

Find fresh leads and automate outbound selling with Vidyard Prospector. This AI-powered sales assistant handles lead research and outreach, so you can connect with customers and prioritize your pipeline.

  • Search billions of profiles to find the right leads
  • Generate and send sales emails automatically with AI
  • Add a video and calendar link to score more meetings
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Screen shot of Vidyard Rooms showing notifications within the digital sales room.

Accelerate Deals With Digital Sales Rooms

Make buying simpler and collaboration a breeze. With Vidyard Rooms, sellers, stakeholders, and resources come together in one central place to help you close deals faster.

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Always Know What to Say on Camera

Creating video scripts that resonate can be challenging. Our AI Script Generator does the work for you, so you can spend more time recording and sending winning sales videos.

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Teleprompter-style notes that scroll while you record a video.

Record with Confidence

Take the guesswork out of how to look more professional on camera with these improvements to your video recording experience.

  • Stay on script and set your perfect pace with auto-scroll on speaker notes.
  • Remove anything you don’t like with a quick, easy trimming tool.
  • Use built-in script templates to inspire your sales videos.