What’s New in 2022!

Your video selling game is about to go viral with Vidyard’s new features and exciting enhancements. Discover new ways to streamline your sales process and close more deals with video.

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Vidyard + Salesloft Feeds Integration

Get video view notifications directly in your activity and live feed with Vidyard’s new Feeds Integration for Salesloft (Available on Business Plans only). Give your team more visibility into a contact’s video engagement and perfectly time outreach and next steps.

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Team Performance Dashboard

Ever wonder who on your team is making the most videos, or who’s having the most success? Who needs a nudge to get started, or who needs a little advice to boost their open rates?

Vidyard’s new Team Performance Dashboard shows who’s creating the most videos, who’s getting the most views, and who’s generating the most engagement. Filter data by team and date range to drill deep into what’s working…and what needs a little improvement. Explore how your team is performing so you can uplift everyone’s performance and get even more out of Vidyard.

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Integration: Gong + Vidyard

We’ve teamed up with the top revenue intelligence platform to provide you with deeper deal intelligence. Our newest integration gives your team more insight into how in-flight deals are progressing. Track which contacts are watching videos, what they’re watching, and for how long—right inside Gong. Available on Business & Enterprise plans.

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Video Chapters

Meet your newest video editing tool. Create chapters within your videos to mark specific topics and highlights, making your content easier to navigate and consume. Chapters help viewers find the content they care about, and keeps them engaged with long-form videos like webinars and demos.

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Video Chapters
Default thumbnail

Default Thumbnails

Set it and forget it! The next time you record a video with Vidyard’s browser extension and select your thumbnail of choice (animated or static), that thumbnail will be automatically applied to future videos you record in your browser.

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Did we mention? Your videos now process up to 10x faster after recording!

Our team made some under-the-hood tweaks for more efficient video creation. Now you can record and share even more videos in less time.

But wait…there’s more.

Enhanced Trim

Polishing up your videos is a breeze with our new enhanced trim. Easily edit out slip-ups or dead air anywhere in your video. And if you’re not happy with the changes, it’s a snap to revert back to the unedited version and try again.

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Video Notes

Feel confident and focused while recording your message on camera. Prepare speaking notes in advance, and they’ll stay on screen while you record so you can reference them. Start nailing your videos in one take.

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Team Actions

Actions engage viewers and drive them to take the next step in your video. If you’re on a Teams plan or above, admins can now easily create and apply Actions across the whole team. Reps save time while keeping a personal touch.

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