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Easily create and share personalized videos throughout your entire sales cycle. Communicate better with prospects, customers, and teams to generate more leads and close more deals.


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Easy, Powerful Video Creation

Email isn’t dead, but it sure is boring. With Vidyard, you can record and send videos in just a few clicks – perfect for busy sales reps trying to break into inboxes or marketers trying to make a splash.

Selling without Vidyard

  • Your message looks like any other email in your prospect’s inbox
  • Buyers want to do their own research. It’s getting harder to book effective meetings.
  • Engaging and nurturing leads is taking more emails, calls, and effort.
  • The purchasing process is getting more complex, and meeting after meeting isn’t helping anyone.

Selling with Vidyard

  • Send high-impact sales videos that stand out in a prospect's inbox and increase your reply rate.
  • Easily share demos, whitepapers, walkthroughs, and more to guide your buyer to next-steps.
  • Send personalized asynchronous videos to reduce the back and forth by 85%
  • Record video handoffs to build rapport and introduce qualified accounts to later-stage sales reps

Qualify more leads with personalized videos

Become more memorable in your prospects’ inbox with Vidyard. Create amazing sales videos for your prospects that will put a face to your name in just a few clicks- no video creation expertise required.

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Easily send videos by email, LinkedIn, and more
  • Know who’s watching your videos so you can follow up right away

Shorten your deal cycle with Vidyard

Send relevant videos to your prospects so you can close deals quicker. Share demos, proposal walkthroughs, and customer stories that guide buyers through the purchase and get opportunities over the finish line.

  • Track prospect engagement and push data to your CRM
  • Drive next steps with in-video CTAs
  • Reduce the number of emails sent to booked meetings ratio
Vidyard for Sales
Portrait of Stephanie Baiocchi
Stephanie Baiocchi
Director of Membership & Events at IMPACT

This is my 1,000th video recorded with Vidyard!!

Shout out to Tyler Lessard and the whole team for making a tool I love so much and use SO much. Here's to 1,000 more!

#vidyard #videoselling #videomarketing #remotework

Portrait of Penelope Yamauchi
Penelope Yamauchi
Bridging the Gap Between Diverse Talent and SDR Opportunities!

My teammates and I have been utilizing Vidyard in our post-discovery call emails to summarize their points of interest and guide them through what's included in the email.

Thanks for this awesome Playbook and all of the guidelines on how to use Vidyard through the sales process, 30 Minutes to President's Club! (link in comments)

Curious to learn if my connections are also using Vidyard in their follow-up discovery emails?

Portrait of Kevin
Kevin "KD" Dorsey
Linkedin Top Sales Voice 2020

Want to know our highest converting meeting set touch pattern?

Video. Click/View. Call.

Video primes everything

It has a long tail

It’s more engaging

You can actually put emotion into it.

You can actually educate in it.

It’s still super unique (I get maybe 2 videos a month. Maybe!)...

Portrait of Dan Gershenson
Dan Gershenson
Chicago's Highest-Rated Fractional CMO For Firms With No Marketing Department

I'm loving what Vidyard has done for a really smooth video integration with LinkedIn. I still have a lot of love for Loom too, but this is 1-click video through LinkedIn messaging that makes all our interactions that much warmer. I'm all in. Check it out.

Awesome work by you and your team, Tyler Lessard! #linkedinvideo

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