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Vidyard + Salesloft Integration

Personalize your sales outreach and boost response rates by adding videos to your emails in Salesloft. Easily record personal video messages or select from your library and track engagement so you can perfectly time your follow-up.
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Salesloft Overview

Salesloft’s sales engagement platform gives sales teams everything they need, all in one place. And, with Vidyard in Salesloft, you can enable video selling right within your team’s workflow to increase response rates and book more meetings.

Salesloft Integration Key Features

  • Record and share personalized videos in your prospecting emails right from Salesloft
  • Add videos to your Templates and Snippets in Salesloft to save time and re-use content
  • Gain visibility and quickly flag hot leads with identified video views updated directly to your activity and live feeds
  • Turn high-intent video engagement signals into prioritized seller actions with Rhythm.

Get Started

  • Sign in to your Salesloft account
  • Enable the Vidyard integration in your Salesloft settings
  • Click the Vidyard icon from the integrations menu when composing an email, template, or snippet in Salesloft
Salesloft Rhythm dashboard showing a Vidyard action popped out and highlighted.

Get Into a Rhythm

Vidyard has partnered with Salesloft to fuel a better workflow for sellers with Rhythm. Video views will trigger prioritized actions so you can stay focused on the right tasks at the right time and strike while buyers are hot.

Learn More About Rhythm

Camera recording Vidyard video in Salesloft

Create and Share Video Emails

Record custom video messages that make the sales process more authentic and build connections and trust. Simply use the camera and screen recording options or pull a video from your library and break through busy inboxes.
Video thumbnail in email with person talking

Personalize Videos to Drive Action

Include a custom animated thumbnail to grab viewers' attention and boost video views and open rates. Drive next steps by adding an in-video CTA that provides additional content or gives viewers easy access to your calendar.
Salesloft Live Feed with video notifications

Track Prospect Activity and Engagement

Give your team more visibility into a contact’s video engagement and perfectly time outreach and next steps. Get video view notifications directly in your activity and live feed to quickly identify hot leads with Vidyard’s new Rhythm Integration (Business Plans only).
Integrate the power of video with your existing sales tech Get in touch with our sales team today to find out how you can make the most of video in the sales tools you already know and love.
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