Slack Animal Video

Wild Animals Inventing Flying Umbrellas? Yep, Slack’s New Video is Whack

4 minute read

The other day, Slack’s latest and (dare I say?) most incredible video came to my attention. There are no words … just check it out: This was actually a TV spot and it is just so … out there! I mean, really, before we dig into the…

b2b marketers learn superbowl 50 ads

What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Super Bowl 50 Ads

4 minute read

While most people were busy donning their jerseys, cooking up football-shaped treats in the kitchen, and laying down the foundations of a solid easy chair butt-groove this weekend, many of us were watching the Super Bowl for some marketing inspiration. Peyton Manning is truly an inspiration to…

Video Marketing How-To: How Long Should Your Video Be?

Video Marketing How-To: How Long Should Your Videos Be?

1 minute read

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! You’ve probably heard us joke now and then that human beings have a shorter attention span than most goldfish, and sadly it’s not far off. If your content can’t capture your viewers interest in the right amount…

Get crafty with video in events

How to Drive more Event Registrations by Getting Crafty with Video

4 minute read

It’s coming. Along with the 5432387 details to plan, the long days of travel, the hundreds or maybe even thousands of hands you’ll shake, and the pipeline … just all pipeline you can imagine. We’re on the cusp of the first event season of the year, and…

step by step video strategy

Step by Step: How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

0 minute read

By now, you likely have at least a handful of videos, if not a locker-full. You’re probably smartly using them to build interest and keep your audience engaged throughout the funnel. Good on ya! But what I really want to know is: do you have a comprehensive…

customer education video

8 Ways to Use Video for Customer Success, Education, and Advocacy

5 minute read

Video is the modern web browser’s medium of choice. And not just while they’re scrolling through Facebook or spending hours on YouTube; studies have shown that even at work, people prefer to watch video than read text. And that means you! And more importantly (no offence), your…

Vidyard raises $35 million

35 Million Reasons To Say Thanks

3 minute read

I’m currently airborne – somewhere above the mid-west. I’m the most reflective at 35,000 feet, sitting in seat 12C surrounded by strangers – a space I’ve become increasingly accustomed to over the past 4 years as co-founder and CEO of Vidyard. I feel excited. Tomorrow (today) we’re…

content marketing pillars

Understanding the 4 Pillars of Content Marketing

3 minute read

Content marketing is hard — and, arguably, the explosion of software solutions that are designed to make content marketing easier for B2B organizations isn’t exactly helping. With so many solutions available, it’s difficult for marketers to navigate the marketing technology landscape and battle the paradox of choice….

Video Brand feat

Brand Guidelines for Video: Unicorn Ice Cream, Man-Cats, and a Powerful Experience

5 minute read

Imagine this: Nike. Will You Do It? Or how about “Nike. Just Do It Already!” or even “You Should Do It.” They just don’t work as well as the slogan Nike is actually named for, right? Why is that? It’s because Nike’s “Just do it” reflects their…

KLM airlines video marketing that sticks

What a Lost iPhone, an Airport, and a Puppy can Teach you About Video that Sticks

4 minute read

As I was scrolling through my newsfeed recently, I came across a video posted by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in 2014 titled “KLM Lost & Found service”. I’d seen it before, probably a few times, actually. Despite this, it reeled me in again. I mean, this thing…

abm improve

5 Fixes for Common Account-Based Marketing Faux-Pas

3 minute read

B2B marketers in almost every industry are getting their feet wet with account-based marketing. If you recently rolled out a campaign at your company, you’re probably eager to see results (and so are your superiors). It doesn’t help that the big-box brands are all reporting massive ROI….

B2B video production

B2B Video Production: 15 Experts Pass Their Best Advice to You

1 minute read

Did you ever dream of being the next Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky? At the time, your dreams were filled with fresh ice, slick pucks, and crisp shots. There just wasn’t any other option. It was sports star or nothin’! Maybe it was another sport, or maybe you…

VMHT Feature

Video Marketing How-To: Personalizing Your Video

1 minute read

Welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! This week we want to talk about how you can personalize your video content in a variety of ways. Personalizing your content at any level is a great way of engaging better with customers, and creating more memorable experiences…

Reasons for Video

4 Reasons Why We Are Building an In-house Video Production Room

2 minute read

At EverString, we are all about using data to understand our customers. It’s a natural part of being a predictive marketing platform—using data to determine what our best customer looks like, so that we can go out and market to customers that look like them. But we…

forrester b2b marketing predictions 2016

High-Performing B2B Marketers Will Make These 4 Shifts in 2016, Predicts Forrester

1 minute read

B2B buying has changed. And Forrester is taking notice, predicting massive shifts in marketing in the coming year. “Buyers prefer to do research themselves rather than rely on vendors’ sales reps. The result: a dramatic shift in the role and focus of B2B marketing organizations. … Most…

why account-based marketing

The 3 Massive Marketing Hang-ups Account-Based Marketing Can Solve

3 minute read

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ve heard about account-based marketing (ABM). Analysts are talking about it, executives are taking note of its advantages, and many companies have already launched their own initiatives. A recent SiriusDecisions report found that 52 percent of B2B companies already…


Is a Lightbox or Inline Embedded Player the Best Way to Present Your Video?

5 minute read

I said, “Can any one tell me the use of blinkers?” “No!” said Sir Oliver shortly, “because they are no use.” “They are supposed,” said Justice, the roan cob, in his calm way, “to prevent horses from shying and starting, and getting so frightened as to cause…

5 reasons video marketing 2016

5 Reasons Video MUST Be Part of Your 2016 Marketing Budget [Infographic]

1 minute read

Ahh, a new year. There’s nothing quite like it.   After several major holidays spent watching football and parades, and eating way too much of the unhealthiest foods known to man… It feels like a fresh start. Like everything you did last year – you can do…

video marketing examples 2015

The Ultimate Countdown: 10 Best B2B Video Marketing Examples of 2015

3 minute read

Every year around this time, we highlight some of the best video marketing examples over the past year in an attempt to provide inspiration to B2B marketers as the new year rolls in. The truth is, we all need a little bit of inspiration. Especially in the…

personalized video pipeline

The Guide to More Pipeline with Personalized Video

1 minute read

To succeed in marketing, you need to be able to reel your audience in. Bring them close and capture their attention. If you can’t do that, how will you ever get to the point of convincing them to buy your offering? You can’t teach your dog, Ralph,…