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3 Ways to Squeeze More From Your Marketing Automation

2 minute read

Let’s face it: your marketing automation system is hungry. It’s hungry for leads, and information on those leads. All. The. Time. That’s why you’re feeding it demographic information to build out stronger persona profiles, and why you’re watching every move your prospects make on your website and…


How to Use Pacing in Your Video Soundtrack – 5 Considerations

3 minute read

So, you’ve found the perfect music for your next video. Now it’s time to get splicing! Some marketers and video editors prefer cutting video to music and others like their music to be dropped in after the initial edit. Whichever you prefer, the abstract, yet important technique…


Introducing the Worst Buzzword Ever: #Crexecution

5 minute read

Marketers complain all the time that creativity gets killed by too many processes, but creativity let loose often loses track of what the end goal truly is. Yes, it’s possible to be too creative, too cute, and in the process, create campaigns that are far too complex…

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Why Knowledge of This Might Be All You Need for Better Leads

1 minute read

Knowledge is power. Like knowing that your top quality leads — those that MQL — are 3.4x more likely to have engaged with video content than those that didn’t. (Psst … Altium knows this!) This type of knowledge is like TOP TIER® gasoline with 10% ethanol. It’s…


How to Increase Open Rates and Better Engage Prospects

2 minute read

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all instantly increase our effectiveness at engaging sales prospects or even better, our dream customers? It would be nice, I’m talking like, realllly nice. That’s why I coach my team of sales development rockstars at LevelEleven personalized outreach to only…


Turning the Funnel on its Head

3 minute read

Getting the most leads is the main goal of the B2B world, right? At least, it used to be. A lot of companies these days are realizing that getting thousands of leads might not be all that effective if you have to weed out 90% of them…

managing video library

Managing and Organizing Your Growing Video Library

5 minute read

Remember going to the library as a kid: strolling through the book racks neatly organized by subject and author until you found a stack of books to bring home and read? Now imagine if that library wasn’t the organized masterpiece the librarians spent countless hours maintaining. Goosebump…


Forrester Sounds the Digital Marketing Alarm

1 minute read

The years change but the marketing plans pretty much stay the same, according to recent research from Forrester. Many companies have marketing mixes that are fairly set in stone. In-person events such as conferences have existed pretty much ever since the term marketing was invented. While conferences…

instagram video

A Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Facebook and Instagram with Video

5 minute read

When advertising to today’s audiences, the first step is to analyze how viewers are digesting content. Audiences have become more visually inclined with platforms today like Facebook and Instagram, which both offer great ad platforms for marketers. As a result, viewers are engaging with social video ads…

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8 Non-Work Related Exercises to Strengthen Your Marketing Muscles

10 minute read

Marketing is one of those jobs that you can’t do while sleeping. (Well, you might be able to, but your results probably won’t be as good.) You have to constantly think up fresh ideas, stay relevant, and convince people who don’t want to be marketed to that…


Screencasting, a Love Story with Clients Involved.

4 minute read

For any SaaS company, the whole customer relationship is closer to a love story than a traditional business deal. Clients go through dozens of options to find the most attractive one to them. Then, the courtship begins, with the SaaS company showing the potential client how they…

unsuck lead gen

Be Honest: Does Your Lead Gen Suck?

0 minute read

Lead gen is the lifeblood of marketing. But most lead gen activities are … well, kinda sucky. They take too much time, cost too much, and produce too few MQLs, not to mention customers. Good thing Jay Baer has the reverse vacuum to unsuck your lead gen….


4 Ways Video Makes Your Marketing Automation Better

3 minute read

By now, pretty much every company has figured out that marketing automation platforms are pretty awesome. They’ve become crucial in capturing more leads, but also helping to identify better leads. With features like automated lead nurturing, grooming new business has become a very methodical and exact process….

Video Marketing How-To: Optimiing your Video for Mobile

Video Marketing How-To: Optimizing Your Video for Mobile

0 minute read

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of Video Marketing How-To. Today we want to share a few tips for optimizing your video content so your audience has a great experience on mobile devices. Tip number one is to make sure your players are responsive so people…

update old video content

Can you DIY? How and When to Update Old Video Content

5 minute read

You know that wooden chair you snagged off the side of the road? Or the old nightstand you got off of Kijiji for $10? They still function well! But someone decided they weren’t up-to-date with current trends. Good thing you have an eye for DIY projects and a…

Tina Fey American Express Video

Tina Fey on a ‘Roid Rage in American Express’ New Video

3 minute read

Just last month, American Express launched the following ad to promote their Blue Cash Everyday Card. Full of Tina Fey’s witty humor as she discovers ‘creepy gloves for her feet’ and makes up her own yoga poses, she inspires us all to get to the gym ……


Video ads: Facebook or YouTube?

5 minute read

Video is quickly becoming a default tool for marketers around the world. However, producing videos is only one part of the equation. A compelling video has a higher chance of driving business results, but compelling videos are ignored every day, getting little to no traffic. Marketers are…


The State of Interactive Content

6 minute read

If you read the Vidyard blog you’ve probably heard of interactive content. You probably have also been told that if you’re not already doing it, you’re too late, that all the good ideas have already been taken. While that last part is totally not true, it’s something…

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How to Use Live Streaming Video to Build Your Brand

6 minute read

One of the concepts behind building a strong brand is that, when brands and consumers come together, something “cool” happens: they create a powerful experience where both of their needs are met. Strong brands give their customers what they need to feel special, to feel cool, better,…


The Real Psychology Behind Hyper-Personalized Marketing

3 minute read

Promoting a product and getting people to buy things from you will always be an awkward situation. No one wants their potential customers to feel like a number. Possibly even worse, for them to feel like you don’t understand their specific problems. Uniformity is the plague of…