Act Quickly for Video

If You’re Going to Reach Consumers with Video, Do So Quickly

3 minute read

The verdict is in, and the analytics are clear: if you’re selling products and services to modern customers, no tool has a bigger impact on sales than video. Marketing pros know it, too: video is the medium with the best ROI. But…what kind of video? How long…

5 signs you need ABM

5 Signs ABM Is a Smart Addition to Your Marketing Strategy

4 minute read

For the past decade, B2B marketing has mostly been exemplified by lead generation. Vendors use social media, SEO, and marketing automation to draw traffic to their site, capture contact info, and nurture contacts into qualified leads. With the right nurture process and a stellar sales team, you…

Video in Sales

Your Sales Team Has A Video Problem

3 minute read

People buy from people: a core sales principle that is getting more difficult each year. Best-in-class sales teams understand the importance of connecting emotionally with customers. However, today’s customers are leveraging the vast information of the internet to research, compare and review solutions without any sales assistance….

video music trends

Tracking Video Music Trends: How to Stay Current

2 minute read

Finding captivating, relevant and creative new music for your video is challenging. On the one hand, the information age has brilliantly streamlined music discovery.  Information technology has made new sounds and music accessible in ways like never before. Unfortunately, the ability to follow trends and stay ahead…

forrester sales content

Forrester Claims Marketing Content Not Relevant for Sales Teams, Customers

1 minute read

“If ‘mobile-first’ is the new rallying cry for digital design, then ‘sales-first’ should be the mantra by which marketing delivers and distributes content.” – Laura Ramos, Forrester Analyst Research released by Forrester this month found some shocking information about sales’ use of marketing content. And there’s really no…

video 60 seconds

The Dirty Truth Behind 60-Second Videos

3 minute read

For some reason, almost every video pro I talk to today is obsessed with video length. You put together a script over 60-seconds and they go into cardiac arrest. The problem is everyone “knows” that attention spans are short and “people just won’t watch anything longer than…

Video Marketing Best Practices

7 Video Marketing Best Practices Worth Fighting For

3 minute read

Video is more compelling than text-based content. It engages minds and beautifies stories. It boosts email click-through rates and on-page conversions. But let’s face it, building a strong video marketing strategy and integrating it with the rest of your marketing activities is no easy feat. So how…

content experiences

Improve Your Content’s Performance by Improving Your Content Experience

3 minute read

Content marketers are always trying to figure out ways to make their content better. We spend hours tweaking headlines, experimenting with content length, and trying to come up with mind-blowing content ideas, all in the hope that we can snag our audience’s attention, one more time. While…

Video feedback feat

How to Give Better Feedback to a Video Team

6 minute read

Isn’t it the best feeling when your team or company is behind a really strong marketing video? Maybe it has your audience reaching for the tissue, or laughing out loud, or learning things that are going to change how they live or do business. Sometimes, though, at…

Video Marketing How-To: Adding Video to Your Email Campaigns

Video Marketing How-To: Add Video to Your Email Campaigns

1 minute read

Welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! This week we want to talk about how to add video to your email campaigns effectively. Now, we’re going to share how we use email in video – it may seem a bit different from what you expect when…

buyer journey video

Aligning your Video Strategy to the Buyer Journey

2 minute read

Travelling as much as I do for work can be tough on my family. They usually don’t take too much interest in my trips. But last month, as I was packing to leave for San Francisco they asked what the trip was about. I told them I…

B2B marketers black friday

7 Things B2B Marketers Can Learn from Black Friday [SlideShare]

0 minute read

Black Friday. Two words you probably don’t want to hear again. With all the hype, deals, discounts, waiting in lines, coupons, flyers, waiting in lines, emails, social ads, waiting in lines again, and the hard push you received in those lines … you’ve seen it all. And…

Thanksgiving feat

No Rest for Marketers, Even on Turkey Day…or, Umm, Thanksgiving

4 minute read

Mmm, it’s that tastiest time of year for those who call the United States home. It’s not just about turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie, but moreso about giving thanks for what you have, cherishing family (even your stupid sibling who always shows up late and kicks…

Video Production Mistakes

10 Video Production Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

4 minute read

As video marketers, we’re expected to output flawless videos that incite emotion or action in the viewer. Throughout the production process, however, mistakes can be made due to tight deadlines or stakeholder demands. From the many videos I’ve seen, I’ve noticed a trend in that the same mistakes are made…

Benchmarks for Video Marketing Success

Benchmarks for Video Marketing worth Celebrating

1 minute read

When your sister learned how to tie her shoe before you, you didn’t skulk away, you looked over her shoulder and learned from her. When your goldfish learned how to do backflips in the water you watched him for hours and hours and then tried it for…

Live streaming

Live Streaming: How to Extend the Moment Beyond Now

3 minute read

There’s a saying that goes, “You have to be believed to be heard”. And when it comes to being believed, experts agree that three factors have the biggest emotional impact on how your audience feels about you. Physiology. Tonality. Verbiage. If you had to guess, which one…

Forrester Video Distribution

Video Marketing Success Starts with Distribution, says Forrester

1 minute read

Many marketers are underestimating the importance of distribution and treating it as an afterthought, according to a recent Forrester report. As Samantha Merlivat, Forrester Researcher and author of Branded Video Marketing Success Starts with Customer-Centric Distribution explains, “Producing content before having a clear distribution strategy makes campaign distribution…

video and sales feat

Video and Sales Go Together Like Cake and My Mouth

2 minute read

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” You know, I never understood that phrase. Why would anyone waste money (or effort) on buying or making a cake if they aren’t allowed to eat it? (Mmmmm…cake…) Same goes for video. Why put in all that effort,…

Making of Vidyard Halloween Video

The Making of Our Most Engaging (Halloween) Video Ever

8 minute read

This year, just a few days before Halloween we launched our first ever TV show / theme song / 90’s revival parody with the Vidyard Family version of the Addams Family. Holiday videos are kind of a tradition at Vidyard, but this video outperformed any of our…

Video Marketing 2016

6 Key Lessons that Will Change How You Market in 2016

5 minute read

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to go to Space Camp! The Space Camp video marketing summit, that is. In addition to helping host the event, I got to put on my modern marketing hat, attend some sessions, and learn from some the best in the…