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Video for Financial Services

Your customer base expects personalized, tech-centric treatment. To keep up, you need the latest tools. Video makes it easy to connect with clients, modernize the way you communicate, and transform your business for the future of financial services.

How to Increase Financial Services Sales with Video

Customers love video. There’s no personal touch quite like a one-to-one video made just for you. With Vidyard, you can create, upload, share, and track all your video content with our simple yet powerful video solution.

Connect with and Retain Customers

Deliver one-to-one video service to develop human connections that customers love.

Educate, Upsell, and Cross-Sell

Explain complex topics and products simply to help customers make informed financial choices.

Make Work More Efficient

Improve internal collaboration with asynchronous video messages and meeting “pre-caps”.

Video for Financial Services Sales in Action
Case Study

Using Video to Drive More (and Better) Sales Conversations

FinancialForce gains clarity into its marketing funnel by identifying 96% of product tour video viewers for further targeting.

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Case Study
Credit Union Digitally Transforms its Branch-Based Marketing with Video
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Video Modernizes S&P Global’s Outreach
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A Financial Services Video Solution Built for Enterprise

Ready to go all in on video? Your clients will thank you. Get all the goodness of one-to-one video, plus other powerful features to maximize the ROI of your investment.

  • Secure videos with password protection, single sign-on, IP whitelisting, and view prevention after a certain date
  • Individualized video personalization at scale that makes every customer communication feel unique
  • Advanced video analytics that track video performance to prove your strategy and refine reps’ video skills

What our customers are saying on 

The software is extremely easy to use, very user friendly. My sales team started using free individual accounts and were up and running in minutes. After a couple months of success booking new sales meetings using videos we decided it was time to purchase the paid team version for the integration to Salesforce and team metrics tracking. The onboarding and implementation experience was one of the best I've been through. They know exactly what they're doing, they care about what they're doing and provided best practices along the way.
5 stars
The integrations, the player features, the customer service are all unparalleled. What I like most is the types of data that can be extracted from their platform and how it interacts with other CRM systems. It's the first, and most user friendly, video hosting platform that has been able to draw a straight line from video to revenue.
5 stars
Justin P
Creating Video Cultures at B2B Companies, Storyboard Media
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