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Video Messaging Tools for Financial Services

Vidyard’s video tools transform the way you connect with clients in a virtual world. Modernize your approach to sales and marketing with video, backed by an enterprise-grade platform that checks all the boxes for security and compliance.

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The Experience Your Clients Have Been Waiting For

Whether your focus is on building new relationships or nurturing existing ones, there’s nothing that engages clients like video.

Create Trusted Relationships

Send personalized videos that build instant rapport when responding to a lead, or connecting with a client.

Deliver Advice that Demonstrates Value

Record detailed videos that guide clients through the advice that will help them reach their goals.

Build Client Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

Ensure every video experience is on-brand and reassures clients that you can meet their needs.

Trusted by Financial Service Firms
Headshot image of Amy McGraw, VP, Marketing at Tropical Financial Credit Union
“We knew we needed to go beyond the written word with our content to engage our attention-driven consumer demographic. That meant adding video to the mix.”
Amy McGraw
VP, Marketing,
Tropical Financial Credit Union

Everything You Need for Virtual Selling

Add a personal touch to every client touchpoint with video creation and hosting tools that anyone on your team can use. Additional video features turn every view into an opportunity for client engagement.

Video for Financial Services Sales in Action

Case Study

Credit Union Digitally Transforms its Branch-Based Marketing with Video

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