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AI Sales Script Generator

Create Sales Scripts with AI

Using Vidyard in your sales cycle helps get more responses and close more deals, but knowing exactly what to say in a video can be tricky. Let Vidyard's AI Script Generator write your sales video scripts for you!

Enter a prompt to create your first AI-generated sales script, or choose and edit one of our sample prompts to get started.


Write a 1-minute sales script to describe the benefits of [product] over [competitor].

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Follow Ups

Write a 30-second sales script as a follow-up to a meeting with [prospect] from [prospect’s company]

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Deal Progression

Write a sales script as a follow-up to a [product] demo

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Create Your First 10 Sales Scripts for Free

Want to generate unlimited sales scripts for your videos? Sign Up for a free Vidyard account and install our browser extension to get started.

Open Vidyard

Click on the Vidyard browser extension, then open Speaker Notes.

Generate a Customized Script

Enter a prompt, and AI will generate a sales script for you. Use these tips and tricks to create effective prompts.

Record and Share

Record a sales video using your script. Share it with your contact to make an impression and get them engaged!

Your New Favorite Sales Tool

Once you’ve got your AI sales scripts, start creating videos with Vidyard to increase response rates and close more deals. Record and share videos in just a few clicks—all for free! Join over 12 million people who are already succeeding with video.


What is an AI sales script generator? How can I generate a free sales script with it?

An AI script generator for sales uses artificial intelligence to create personalized, persuasive sales scripts that you can use in your video messages.

By analyzing your inputs about your target audience, product information, and specific goals, the AI crafts a sales script that’s designed to effectively engage and convert your prospects.

Don’t waste hours perfecting your sales pitch for video. Let the Vidyard AI Sales Script Generator do the heavy lifting for you.

Can the AI sales script generator be used for different industries and products?

Yes, Vidyard’s AI-powered sales script generator is built to create sales scripts for various industries and products. It can generate scripts for diverse business contexts, target audiences, and use-cases.

How do I provide inputs for the AI to generate my sales script?

To generate a sales script, enter information about the product you’re selling, the name of your prospect or customer, and any specific goals or features you’d like to emphasize. The AI analyzes this information and generates a custom script based on your information. The more context you can provide, the better!

Need some ideas to get started? Explore our list of the best sales AI prompts to try for yourself.

Can I make edits to the generated sales script?

Absolutely! The generated sales script serves as a starting point, which you can then edit and refine to perfectly match your brand’s tone, voice, and messaging. The AI is designed to save you time and effort, but you are encouraged to fine-tune the script as needed.

How long does it take to generate a sales script?

The AI Sales Script Generator can create a script in seconds. However, the exact time may vary depending on the complexity of your inputs and the desired length of the sales script.

Can I use the AI generated sales scripts for other formats, such as emails or social media?

Yes, the sales scripts generated by our AI can be adapted for other formats, such as emails, social media posts, or even live presentations. However, you may need to make slight adjustments to make sure it fits the context and platform you have in mind.

How much does it cost to use Vidyard’s AI sales script generator?

Vidyard’s AI Sales Script Generator is free to use! You can generate up to 10 scripts using the tool on this page. Want to create more? Sign up for Vidyard for free to generate unlimited scripts.

By using Vidyard’s AI Sales Script Generator, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined here.

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