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Sales Glossary

The sales industry is always changing and evolving. Keeping on top of those changes can be tough. The Vidyard Sales Glossary is your ultimate guide to important sales terms, definitions, concepts, slang, insider business jargon and more to keep you up to date with the latest in sales industry lingo.

What is an AI Sales Script Generator?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise. It’s no longer something we only see in sci-fi movies— today, people use different AI programs to help them write emails, create logos, and help with routine tasks like organizing spreadsheets. AI can even help with automating B2B prospecting. The big CRM providers are leveraging their systems to automate sales tasks further.

An AI Sales Script Generator is a software tool or application that leverages artificial intelligence, specifically natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) capabilities, to create persuasive and effective sales scripts or pitches. These scripts can be used by sales professionals, marketers, or business owners to engage with potential customers and improve conversion rates.

Depending on what your prompt is, you can get results in seconds. AI content generators rely on a user’s prompt and use the instructions it’s given to create relevant scripts. You can use it to brainstorm creative subject lines for emails, titles for routine reports, or sales scripts to help you sell products.

For sales reps, this means utilizing AI sales script generators to develop sales video scripts to record and send to prospects and customers.

Why are AI Sales Script Generators Important?

A sales script generated by AI will never be able to replace a human sales rep (and the outputs need to be validated for accuracy), but it can help boost a sales rep’s performance.

Sales prospecting takes time, which sales reps are usually short on. You only have so many hours in a day to dedicate to cold calls or virtual selling, but your list of prospects never ends. How can you write personalized messages and scripts for every client you work with?

This is where AI comes in. You can produce a sales script in seconds by giving it the right prompts. Even a seasoned sales rep struggles with being creative sometimes. Still, an AI generator can easily do the work for you while maintaining a professional tone and putting important product information at the forefront.

Once you know what to say, you can immediately record videos for use at any point in the sales cycle. Whether you’re putting together material for initial outreach, scheduling follow-ups, or creating videos to help up-sell subscriptions, AI sales script generators speed up the process immensely.

For new reps in B2B sales, this also helps boost confidence. There’s less stress about what to say in a video because the script has been written for you.

AI sales script generators save time, help create confident sales reps and allow quick and easy personalization.

How to Use an AI Sales Script Generator

Using an AI script generator for sales sounds easy, but there are best practices you should utilize. You’re not using it correctly if you get it to generate boring, run-of-the-mill content.

  • Be specific. If you ask for generic content, you’ll get it. Tell it to write sales scripts and give it particular details to work with. You can even give it specific word counts or time limits. This will require some work upfront, but the investment is worth it. Once it knows your product, your audience, and the tone to use, it can generate quality sales scripts quickly.
  • Ask it to rewrite its work. If it’s not generating what you want, ask it to try again. An AI generator can rewrite a sales script in a different tone or with a diverse audience in mind. Try multiple approaches, see how it reworks the content, and go from there.
  • Proofread. Remember, AI sales script generators aren’t perfect. While they create helpful content, it should be viewed as a tool; don’t copy and paste everything it uses recklessly. Read over everything and ensure elements like client and product names are accurate and correct details as needed. You can also rework sentences yourself to personalize the message.
  • Record and share video messages. Once you’re happy with your sales video script, use a tool like the Vidyard Chrome extension to record and send your message. This speeds up the entire process for sales reps: they can quickly create a sales script and then immediately record themselves and prepare videos to use throughout their sales process.

You’ll need to play around with it at first, but once you understand how it works and what it’s capable of, using an AI sales script generator will become second nature.

Example Prompts to use for AI Sales Script Generators.

If you’re new to AI generators, try playing with some of these prompt templates to get pitch examples. You can edit them and add your own specifications to get even more creative.

  • Write a one-minute sales script highlighting the unique selling point of [product / copy + paste URL].
  • Condense this information into five easy-to-understand bullet points [copy + paste long-form product summary].
  • Write a 30-second sales script asking [prospect] when they’d like to book a discovery call [include available dates and times].
  • Write a 45-second sales script outlining three benefits of [product] and how it would help a prospect achieve their quarterly goals.

Remember, the more specific you are in your prompts, the better they will be. You can also ask the AI program to rewrite its answers if you don’t like how the first draft sounds.

If you’re looking for more AI prompts for B2B sales, check out our complete guide for the best sales AI prompts. If you’re looking for help fully automating your prospecting efforts (list building and automatic outbound emails and follow-ups), check out Vidyard Prospector.

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