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Create Personalized Sales Videos with AI Avatars

Generate human-touch videos from just a written script. Easily send personalized messages to any prospect using a hyper-realistic AI avatar that looks and sounds just like you.


Create or Choose Your AI Avatar

Scale your personalized video messages with easy-to-create, high-quality AI Avatars.

Create Personalized Sales Videos with AI Avatars

Vidyard AI Avatars is a totally new way to create Vidyard Video Messages at scale. It’s the same video messaging platform that sales and marketing teams love, now with AI built right in.

Engage prospects with personalized video messages to increase responses and book more meetings.

Gain real-time insight into who’s watching with View Notifications and Video Analytics.

Share, track and measure video performance with integrations into top CRMs and sales tools.

“AI Avatars will be a game-changer for our sales team, who understand how much more effective video is than text when engaging customers and prospects”

Matt Green

CRO, Sales Assembly

How Vidyard AI Avatars Works

Record a training video, provide your avatar with a written script and watch your hyper-realistic AI avatar video come to life in a matter of minutes.

Watch a Guided Demo

This 4-minute demo walks you through exactly how to create your custom AI avatar (plus a preview of our multi-language video functionality).

Vidyard video thumbnail - click to play
1. Create Your Avatar

Record a training video to start generating AI videos

Easily create your custom AI avatar using a 2-minute training video recorded using just your webcam. Or choose to create AI videos from a free library of high-definition stock AI avatars available for all Vidyard plans.


Create your AI video with a written script

Using just a written prompt, you can generate hyper-realistic AI videos using pre-existing content and forget about memorizing another script. Or use the Vidyard AI Script Generator to write a script for you. AI Avatars accepts scripts in +25 different languages.

3. Record Wherever You Work

Use Vidyard's Browser Extension to Create AI videos

Easily create personalized videos at scale by using your AI avatar in the Vidyard browser extension for faster, friction-free video AI video generation directly on your prospects website, LinkedIn profile, or in any browser window.

4. Add a Human Touchpoint

Insert and share your AI videos in email, messages, and integrations

Use your AI avatar to create any type of video that needs that extra human-touch. AI Avatars is a part of the Vidyard Messages workflow, meaning you can easily share your AI-generated Vidyard videos anywhere you need to communicate better with prospects and customers.


Personalize your message in more than 25 different languages

With AI Avatars, you can easily generate video content for a global audience. Simply provide your avatar with a script in any of our accepted languages.

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Talk to our team about AI Avatars

Explore AI Avatars and personalized sales videos with custom avatars through Vidyard Business Plans.

Book a Demo

Personalized AI Video Creation at Scale

Automate your business communication without sacrificing a human-touch, or enhance your existing, pre-recorded content with an added layer of personalization.


Personalized meeting confirmation, outbound prospecting, and follow-ups.


Video case studies, explainer videos, and landing page promos.


Micro-demos, feature launch hype videos, and product onboarding.

Create AI videos in Vidyard's browser extension

Use Vidyard’s browser extension to create AI videos from inside your browser then share them with your prospects and customers. It’s the best screen recorder for getting real results with video.

An example of the Vidyard Browser Extension showing AI Avatar video creation screen with a Google Slide presentation in the background image

Vidyard’s Browser Extension Features

AI Video Creation

Generate high-quality AI videos in your browser with Custom or Stock AI avatars.

Track Video Performance

Create a custom message by entering a prompt, and AI will generate a sales script for you.

Track Video Performance

Track view counts and get notifications when people watch your video, right in your browser.

Personalize Your Message

Use screen capture to create eye-catching backgrounds for your AI videos.

Ad-Free Playback

Nobody likes weird ads. We never show ads during video playback.

Share Videos From the Extension

Sharing a video is as easy as copy-pasting a link, allowing you to quickly get your message out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI avatar?

An AI avatar is a digital representation of an individual, created using artificial intelligence. Vidyard AI Avatars are created from user-provided training videos in order to create a hyper-realistic avatar that looks and sounds like the person providing the training video. Avatars are created using a neural radiance field (NeRFs) to generate videos complete with natural face movements and expressions.

What's the difference between Custom and Stock avatars?

With Vidyard AI Avatars you can easily generate high-quality videos using text-to-video technology. Videos can be created using Custom Avatars or Stock Avatars.

Custom Avatars are created with a user-provided training video to create a hyper-realistic avatar that looks and sounds like that person. Custom Avatars are only available as an add-on for Vidyard Business Plans.

Stock Avatars are avatars created using paid actors and are licensed for commercial use. Stock Avatars are available on all Vidyard plans.

How can I create my own Custom AI Avatar?

Custom avatars are available as an add-on to Vidyard Business Plans.

Vidyard users on a Vidyard Business Plan can create Custom Avatars by recording a 2-minute training video during avatar set-up. This allows our AI model to generate a high-quality likeness using a neural radiance field (NeRFs) to generate videos complete with natural face movements and expressions.

Can videos be created in languages other than English?

Yes! Our AI Avatars support more than 25 languages. At this time, in order to access multi language video creation the script used to generate your AI video must be provided in the specific language you want to use.

Currently, AI Avatars supports scripts in the following languages:

English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Hindi, French, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Dutch, Turkish, Filipino, Polish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Finnish, Croatian, Malay, Slovak, Danish, Tamil and Ukrainian.

How long does it take to generate an AI video?

Processing times may vary, but generating an AI video with Vidyard AI Avatars can take up to 10 minutes per minute of video.