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Over the Finish Line

High-performing sales teams choose Vidyard’s video tools to keep their deals moving. The Vidyard integration for Gong gives your team insight into how contacts engage with their videos to help close more deals.

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Record, Send, and Close

Easily record your webcam, screen, or both to make sales videos that move deals forward. Keep track of who’s watching right inside Gong.

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Track Deal Engagement

Gain more insight into how in-flight deals are progressing. Track which contacts are watching videos, what they’re watching, and for how long.

Personalize Next Steps

Drill into account- and contact-level view data to know exactly what’s catching a prospect’s eye. Use that information to personalize the next steps and keep the momentum going.

Find More Champions

Discover who else can drive a deal forward. Use Vidyard’s in-video forms or marketing automation integrations to identify other stakeholders for more multi-threaded deals.

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