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We love Developers

To help developers create amazing video experiences, we’ve built some awesome tools.

Javascript API

Allow your web application to interact with video as they're viewed.

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Dashboard API

Programmatically manage your video library, metadata and events.

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Vidyard API

Integrate Vidyard. Enable your users to create, send and track videos.

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Make something amazing with the power of Vidyard APIs! It’s easy to start right now.

Use Cases

Video Management API

Manage assets in your Vidyard account including players, videos, tags and metadata. Seamlessly publish video content into your CMS.

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Player API

Control the video playback experience, trigger actions on player events and manage player properties via JavaScript.

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Custom Metadata

Add additional, custom metadata to a player to better classify your players and videos then sync your Vidyard assets with objects in your digital asset management platform.

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Progress Events

Trigger any javascript action in-browser when a player hits a certain viewing engagement milestone.

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Video Uploader

Add an ‘upload’ button to your website or application to allow a simple way collect videos.

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Annotation Events

Build interactive video experiences by overlaying text annotations on top of your content.

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Single Sign On Authentication

A secure way to streamline your team's sign-on and user-creation process.

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Why Develop with Vidyard?

From the beginning Vidyard was designed as a powerful platform to allow for creative and custom uses of video across businesses. Vidyard’s robust set of APIs and extensions allow developers countless ways to build the potential of video into products and applications - all underpinned by unmatched analytics on video content and viewers.

Worldwide Distribution

Proven to scale to tens of thousands of video assets with reliable delivery across mobile and desktop devices worldwide.

Developer APIs

Powerful APIs and extensions allow you to build engaging video experiences into your applications and products.

Analytics & Insights

Vidyard tracks every video interaction second by second to give you insight into how your content is performing and how each viewer is consuming.

Integrate out of the box

Native integrations with popular enterprise, marketing, sales, content management and analytics solutions like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo and many more!

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