Vidyard Live

Vidyard Live gives you the ability to live stream anywhere, including from your website or social channels, so you can reach - and impress - a greater audience. Individual-level viewer analytics, which can be integrated into marketing automation platforms and CRM systems, are built in to help businesses like yours get intelligence on audience interest, including exactly who tuned in and how long they watched.

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Personalized Video

Get - and keep - your audience's attention and interest easier than ever with Personalized Video. Offer a splash screen that is personalized to each viewer, and when they click play, they'll discover a video that pulls them right into the action: full of details unique to them, like their name, company name, email and more, your video becomes truly memorable for each person.

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Interactive Events

Advanced Security Features

Designed to put to ease Enterprise IT teams, Vidyard is simple to start using but powerful at scale, offering features that provide flexible access control to ensure only approved viewers can view sensitive video content. Access codes can be assigned to authorized viewers, viewers can be required to request access, and domain restrictions and IP whitelisting can ensure that videos are only embedded on authorized sites and accessed at designated locations. All this. and even more are included in Vidyard’s Advanced Security Features.

Video Asset Manager

Want to quickly perform bulk actions and changes to multiple videos and players at the same time? The Vidyard Asset Manager helps you efficiently and quickly do what you need to do - no headache relievers required! Configure a player's options and enjoy as it automatically updates wherever the video is posted, publish players to YouTube, and even delete a player from everywhere it lives all at once.

A/B Split Testing

No more guesswork or click-bait. Choose the best, most relevant splash screen that will earn you the most views by split testing up to 8 images for each of your videos.

Transcription and Caption Features

Reach anyone who could be interested in your content, including those who are hearing-impaired, or viewers who don't speak English. With Vidyard's Transcription and Caption Features, your video can be transcribed (by Vidyard or by you) for a number of global languages, helping your content become accessible to a broader audience. You'll even get a boost in discoverability because of the improved search engine optimization.

Video Trimmer

Is your video feeling a little too long? Maybe it’s suffering from some dead air before the action starts, or taking too long to get to the final call to action. Shorten it right in Vidyard with Video Trimmer. A new video will be created with the trimmed clip you selected, so you‘ll still be able to keep and access the full-length video if you need it!

SEO Features

Search Engine Optimization. Don't be scared, Vidyard does all the hard work for you, so you can reap the benefits of ranking well in the endless sea of Internet wonders. All you have to do is to add your video URLs to the Add to Video Sitemap" feature, and Vidyard will automatically create a sitemap to make sure search engines properly index you.

Custom Attributes

With Custom Attributes, you can describe and define properties about a video player. Like what? Specify that a video is a specific content type, or belongs to a certain marketing, sales, or communications campaign, or corresponds to a defined stage in your funnel or strategy, for example. Then you'll enable more flexible and powerful reporting in Vidyard and, if you use one, in your marketing automation platform.