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Turn Views into Deals with Video Analytics

Track, measure, and improve the effectiveness of your team’s video communication. Keep tabs on who’s watching, measure prospect engagement, and know which reps are most effectively using video to close deals.

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Video analytics at work
Vidyard’s video analytics dashboard

Close More Deals with Powerful Video Analytics

Vidyard’s video analytics go beyond just view counts. Track video engagement, learn more about your audience, and turn views into tangible sales results.

  • View notifications tell you exactly when one of your videos has been watched so you can better personalize your sales outreach and follow-up.
  • Video analytics dashboards help you understand which videos are engaging and converting viewers.
  • Get insight into who’s driving the most views and engagement to improve video selling with Team Performance Dashboards.

Perfect Your Video Selling Strategy with Detailed Video Analytics

Video analytics let you know who’s watching your videos, when they watch them, and how much they watched, so you can follow up while you’re still top-of-mind.

  • Use video view notifications to know who’s engaging with your sales videos and follow with the right message.
  • Track video insights across your sales organization to see which videos are getting the most views and how video is performing across campaigns.
  • Track which of your team members are most active with video, and who drives the most views.
Screenshot of vidyard video analytics
CRM integration brings video data to your favorite platform

Turn Viewer Activity into Deals with Marketing Automation and CRM Integrations

Transform your video analytics data into actionable sales moments. Push view data into leading CRM and marketing automation platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and more.

  • Use video data to qualify, segment, score, nurture, and engage leads with automated marketing activities.
  • Enrich CRM contact records with viewing data so you can identify and prioritize high-quality leads.
  • Feed video data into CRM dashboards to quantify video pipeline, revenue, and ROI.
How to Transform Your Business with Video
Case Study

How 5 Videos Drove $6M in Revenue for One Construction Tech Company

Gordian counts on Vidyard’s video analytics to guide its video strategy, leading to incredible revenue results.

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What our customers are saying on

Vidyard was the first video prospecting tool I was able to access within my organization. I work at a small cloud-accounting firm and Vidyard helped me reach my niche target audience with efficiency and personalized video outreach. The analytics are robust and provide me with weekly reports I can send to my higher-ups to show them how our open and close rates change.
I create micro content with video all the time, Vidyard allows that content to be instantly uploaded and used for marketing in a streamlined way. Other services that offer similar workflow don't have the robust analytics and video marketing platform there when you need it.
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More Than Just Video Analytics

Vidyard puts you in control of video with enterprise-ready features, including video creation, video hosting, and video analytics (and more!). We’re the video solution of choice for Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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Drive next steps from inside your videos

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Maximize discoverability with video SEO

And more features
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