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From easy video creation to powerful video analytics; from small business to enterprise. Our online video platform has all the nuts and bolts your business needs to engage your audience, whoever and wherever they are.

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Video creation

Easily record videos up to an hour long using our browser extensions, desktop app, or mobile app.

Screen recording

Record your screen or browser tab, with or without your camera.

Video playlists

Stitch together multiple videos into a single playlist.

Animated video previews

Automatically generate a 3-second GIF preview to embed into your emails.

Quick video editing

Make quick edits by trimming the beginning, middle, or end of your video.


Create and send videos using the sales engagement platform you use every day.

Intro Banner

Introduce yourself with a banner with your name and title at the beginning of your videos.

Speaker Notes

Record with confidence and stay on script. Use auto-scroll to keep your perfect pace.

Online video hosting

Ad-free video hosting with lightning-fast load times and high-quality video streaming.

Fast video uploads

Upload MP4s, MOVs, WMVs, and probably every other video format you’re likely to come across.

Uploader widget

Share a link that allows agencies or other external users to add videos directly to your library.

User permissions

Manage user permissions and access to folders in your enterprise video platform.

Security and compliance

Password and SSO protection to control access to your video content.

Integrated with the tools your business already uses

Connect Vidyard to the tools you use most, and do more with video.

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Online video player

Responsive video player can be embedded and streamed anywhere, on any device.

Embed videos

Add videos to your website, emails, company portal, knowledge base, or wherever else you need them.

Email videos

Put videos in your emails in just a few clicks using Gmail, Outlook, and more. No attachments or downloads required.

Video sharing pages

Customize your video’s landing page to match your company’s branding.

View notifications

Get notified the moment your video has been watched, and know who watched it.

Video hubs

Curate your videos in one central place that can be secured for internal-only access, or published to the world.

Share to social

Push videos to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Video calls to action

Add buttons, links, and more to your videos to provide viewers with next steps after watching.


Automatically optimize your videos with captions and metadata to rank better in search.

Automatic transcriptions

Automatically transcribe your videos for accessibility.

Powerful analytics dashboards

Get insight into video performance metrics like views over time and aggregate attention spans.

Individual viewer details

Identify who’s watching your videos, what they’re watching, and for how long.

CRM integrations and more

Push your video analytics data back into your CRM or MAP to report on the ROI of video.

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