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The Video Platform for Sales Teams

Video messages get more replies and bookings—and scale across your entire sales team. Plus, boost your video results with team performance insights, guided video templates, and more.

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Advanced Video Features for Winning Teams

Build a winning video strategy with business-grade features. Watch your close rates rise with customizable videos, powerful analytics, and video integrated into all the ways your team works.

Team Performance Dashboards

Use team dashboards to drive healthy competition and share video performance best practices.

Powerful Integrations

Incorporate video into the tools you already use, like Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesloft, Outreach, and many more.

Vidyard Templates
Video Templates

Inspire your reps and save them time with guided video templates, including scripts, tips, and real-world examples.

User Management

Enable teams to manage their own videos while maintaining control over your content and video assets.

In-Video CTAs

Set up CTAs directly inside your videos to ensure viewers take critical next steps right away.

Unlimited Sharing and Hosting

Get unlimited video uploads and remove runtime limits so you can make the most of video across your business.

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Get Ready to Boost Your Business with Video


Meetings Booked


Shorter Sales Cycle


Increase in Reply Rates

How to Transform Your Business with Video

Case Study

Using Personal Video to 3x Response Rates and Boost Sales Performance

Learn how League created innovative personalized video emails and saw response rates soar.

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Why Sales Teams Need a Video Strategy
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How to Lead Your Remote Team with Video
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What Our Customers Are Saying On

Vidyard is a total game-changer for BDR/SDR teams. Creating a quick, relevant video message with an attention-grabbing thumbnail is a brilliant way to get engagement with projects. The added bonus is that you can add calls-to-action during or after the video to either a) point the prospect in the direction of information (whitepapers, webinars, presentations) or b) provide a fast, convenient, and easy way for them to schedule a meeting with you
Vidyard was the first video marketing tool I used while being in sales. It allowed me to lead a team of over 50 bdrs to success and quota attainment, some competitors take away useful functions when a full license is not present.
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