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How to Lead Your Remote Sales Team with Video

An efficient remote sales team is a successful remote sales team—but achieving that efficiency isn’t easy. Video engages your team in a format that’s simple, clear, and time-saving. It’s perfect for onboarding, coaching, and team communication.

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HubSpot’s Tips for Video Success

  • 1. Internal Communication

    Use video to internally communicate with your remote sales team. “When I’m sharing a message out to the sales organization I know whether that message is received and viewed. It tells me who is paying attention.”

  • 2. Video as Sales Management

    Implement video as a sales management best practice. “Use video to summarize notes from your sales manager meetings.”

  • 3. Build A Video Library

    “Our sales engineers create Video Hubs with content devoted to particular topics. They have built up quite a library.”

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Headshot image of Adam Rataj, Sales Manager, Mid-Market at HubSpot
“Using video, I was able to answer questions so much more efficiently. I was working less, making more money, and my customers felt cared for.”
Adam Rataj
Sales Manager, Mid-Market,
Morgan Jacobson, HubSpot’s Principal Manager of Sales Strategy and Systems, delivers the top takeaways from making video part of his team’s sales process.

How a HubSpot Sales Manager Helped His Team Take Off Using Video

HubSpot sales manager Morgan Jacobson delivers the top takeaways from his sales team’s own video enablement rollout.

  • Use video across your sales cycle. Chart out your typical sales process, then match up the types of videos you can use at each stage.
  • Create evergreen content. These are videos you’ll be able to use over and over again to save time and effort.
  • Demo the use of video to your sales team in three acts. 1) Why they should use video; 2) How to use video; and 3) The results they can achieve using video.