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Sales Glossary

The sales industry is always changing and evolving. Keeping on top of those changes can be tough. The Vidyard Sales Glossary is your ultimate guide to important sales terms, definitions, concepts, slang, insider business jargon and more to keep you up to date with the latest in sales industry lingo.

What is Fast Forward?

The Fast Forward Virtual Summit is a free event hosted by Vidyard that brings sales professionals together. It was created specifically for sales reps, and offers multiple sessions led by industry professionals that focus on virtual sales tactics, tools, tips, and actionable advice that can immediately be used.

Why Sales Reps Should Register for Fast Forward

The world of sales is always changing and keeping up with industry trends is vital. Virtual selling is more popular than ever, but not everyone knows how to succeed at it. That’s where Fast Forward comes in: it highlights advice from industry experts so sales professionals can remain competitive, and use the latest techniques and tricks when meeting with their next potential customer.

But what else does Fast Forward bring to the table? Let’s look at why you and your sales team should register today.

It’s Free

Don’t have a huge budget for professional development? No problem! Fast Forward is free to attend.

Limited Time Commitment

Time is valuable, especially for sales reps, and registering for multi-day conferences can be daunting. If you have limited time in your calendar, then Fast Forward is the ideal summit because it’s only half a day. The total run time is four hours, so you can learn a lot and then get back to work.

Learn from the Best

Each session is led by the industry’s best sales creators, experts, and enthusiasts. You’ll be able to hear them talk about their experience, glean advice from their stories, and leave the event with tried and true tips that will undoubtedly improve your own sales tactics.

Previous Fast Forward speakers have included some of the biggest name in sales, including:

  • Shari Levitin, Passionate Global Sales Leader; CEO at Levitin Group
  • Jeb Blount, 13x Author; CEO at Sales Gravy
  • Kevin Dorsey, Revenue Leadership Practice Lead; Founder of Inside Sales Excellence
  • Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard; Chief Feeder at Sales Feed
  • Nikki Ivey, Director of Sales and Training at Sell Better by JB Sales
  • Katherine Caldwell, Video Prospecting Coach; Founder at Katch Consulting
  • Ross Pomerantz, Enterprise Sales Veteran; Content Creator as Corporate Bro
  • Will Aitken, Head of Sales Content at Sales Feed; Co-Founder at Social Social
  • Bryan Mulry. SDR Trainer and Sales Development Rep at Salesloft
  • Brady Field, Strategy Consultant at Salesloft
  • Jonathan Horovitz, Solutions Consultant at Vidyard
  • Reva Pellerin, Strategic Executive at Vidyard
  • Olivia Cullen, Content Marketing Specialist at Vidyard

Sessions being offered cover the following topics:

  • Selling with Video
  • Doing More with Less in 2023
  • How to Get Comfortable, Confident, and Creative on Camera
  • Personal Brand and Reputation Management
  • Tonality Tactics for Beginners
  • Selling with Vidyard

Other Events Throughout the Year

While the main virtual summit takes place in January, there are other online events, webinars, and educational sessions offered throughout the year under the Fast Forward umbrella.

Vidyard also offers on-demand video recordings so you can catch up on past sessions. These videos offer advice on virtual selling, prospecting, virtual demos, creating your own videos, and more.

There’s no shortage of material, so you and your sales team kickstart your professional development and get ready to close more sales.

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