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Fast Forward Virtual Summit

Learn how to use AI to become a better seller or marketer…plus how you can use video to stand out in an AI-saturated marketplace.

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Jun 21, 2023


11:00 am EST

Humans & Robots: The Future of Sales and Marketing is Already Here

In a world that's about to get eaten by AI, what's more important for sales and marketing? Embracing the robots? Or being more human than ever?

We believe the answer is both.

Tomorrow's sellers and marketers will learn to unleash their creativity and personalities while using AI to work smarter and scale the way they make human connections.

Join us at the Fast Forward Virtual Summit to explore the paradox of being both more human and more robotic in the digital age.

We demystify AI for sellers and marketers, providing actionable tips for how to start using it today. (No PhD required.)

We discuss creativity, video, and other ways to unlock the power of being uniquely you. (No green screen required, either.)

And we explore it all through the lens of how to earn trust and win more business.

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Fast Forward On-Demand Sessions


Embracing AI and Being More Human Than Ever: The New Sales Paradox

In a world that's about to get eaten by AI, what's more important for sellers? Embracing the robots, or being more human than ever?

The answer is both. The most successful sellers of tomorrow will learn to unleash their creativity, personalities, curiosity, and customer empathy while using AI to work smarter and scale that human connection.

Join 15x author, speaker, and sales acceleration trainer Jeb Blount for an interactive discussion on the intersection of AI and sales, the importance of leaning into your humanity, and what skills will be most critical for sellers in the years ahead. Bring your questions for our live Q&A and learn how to best navigate the rapidly changing world of sales.

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Multi-Threading: Run These Foolproof Plays to Increase Win Rates by 25%+

78% of reps are single-threaded on deals (LinkedIn). It’s the #1 reason why most sellers lose big deals.

When you engage five or more stakeholders in the deal, your chances of closed/won increases by 25% (UserGems). Multi-threading is THE key to winning larger deals faster, but these conversations are awkward. Buyers are reluctant to introduce you to power.

Here's the key: Show your buyer why it's in their best interest to involve others—they'll get a much better outcome from your solution. Learn how to do it in this session.

Join sales trainer Jason Bay, account executive Krysten Conner, and sales explorer Chris van Praag for an interactive discussion on how to multi-thread. Learn how to make sure you're never single-threaded or stuck below the power line in a deal ever again.

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AI Power (Half) Hour for Marketers and Creators: Upping Your Podcast & Video Game with AI

Dive into the world of AI-powered content creation and learn how artificial intelligence is transforming Cathy McPhillips’ team’s podcast and video production. She’ll reveal the tools and techniques her team uses in planning, producing, and polishing their podcast content. Discover how you can use AI to reshape the game and boost your creative potential.

Gain a clear understanding of how to:

  • Uncover AI tools that turbocharge pre-production, from topic generation to scriptwriting
  • Explore AI innovations that make post-production simpler and faster
  • Get the scoop on ethical AI usage and best practices for a responsible and efficient workflow
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5 Strategies to Save Your Outbound Using AI

Outbound has been a struggle the past few years. Less than 75% of teams hitting their targets consistently, even though we know what reps need to do to engage buyers: Create value-driven messaging with multi-touch, multimedia sequences.

Today, we have no excuses. We have a game-changer on the board that's giving sales the ability to act quicker, ramp faster, have valuable conversations, and become industry experts. It's AI.

ChatGPT and other AI tools are a revolution that’s coming hard and fast, and will change our industry for the better. Join Jake Dunlap for a must-see session on how to put AI to work for you and build strategies that get meetings.

Walk away with a clear understanding of:

  • How to write AI prompts to output something useful
  • Save an astounding amount of time writing and researching
  • Build scripts and talk tracks to have better conversations and speak like an industry expert
  • Automate the right things to focus on what matters most
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Show, Don't Tell: The Ultimate Video Prospecting Formula to Help You Book More Meetings

Video messages are a great way to humanize your outreach. But the real power of video lies in its ability to tell a great story and show rather than tell—all in just one minute.

Join three of the best video prospectors in the game to discover how they use personalized videos to create clarity, exchange value, and leverage visuals to book more meetings. Discover Ryan Scalera's proven formula for structuring your video message narrative, Tyler Washington's creative approach to blowing minds with just a dash of video editing, and Reva Pellerin's top tips for how Vidyard's own team sells with video.

Walk away with actionable ideas for how to level up your own video prospecting game.

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How to Hook and Influence Your Viewers: Advanced Video Email Communication Techniques

Join world-renowned body language expert, keynote speaker, and bestselling author Mark Bowden to learn how to take your video messages to the next level based on the science of behavioral economics. (Don't worry, there's no math required.)

When it comes to using video, it's about so much more than just what you say. Your body language, intonation, energy, tone, eyeline, movement, background, and more have a massive impact on how your viewers perceive you, how they process your message, and whether or not they decide to stick around for the call to action.

Join Mark Bowden in a not-to-be-missed session for anyone in sales or marketing looking to level up their on-camera communication skills. Walk away with a clear understanding of:

  • How to best set up your video recording space and make the most of your background
  • How to deliver your message in a way that creates curiosity and drives action
  • Why body language, movement, and eyeline are so important, and how to master them
  • Little-known tricks for hooking your viewers and maximizing uptake on your CTA
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What Do You Meme: Sales Edition (What the Top Sales Memes Tell Us About the State of Sales)

Behind every meme lies a hidden truth. Prepare yourself for the most high-energy and laugh-filled session at any virtual ever, ever, as sales legends Jen Allen, Leslie Venetz, and Alexine Mudawar join sales wannabe Tyler Lessard to laugh and learn with the top sales memes of 2023.

We'll peel back what makes each meme funny—but more importantly, what it really tells us about the current and future state of sales. We'll go deep on today's hottest topics like outbound sales, social selling, AI, video, revenue intelligence, getting ghosted, and more. Come for the laughs, stay for the learns, and please BYOM (bring your own meme!).

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The Benefits and Challenges of Using AI in Sales: Lessons Learned from Early Adopters

AI is eating the internet, and for mostly good reasons. It can be your assistant, your researcher, your sidekick, and your scribe. It can help you get more done in way less time, and discover new ways to solve old problems.

But it can also suck. It can be a time sink, a distraction, a nuisance, and a bald-faced liar. It can lead you down the wrong path without you ever even knowing it.

That's why we've assembled the AI in Sales Early Adopters! They're like the Avengers, but way smarter and slightly stronger. And they're here to share everything they've learned about using AI for sales: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Discover which AI tools are delivering real results, how to use AI as an individual seller or across a sales team, and tips for how to get the biggest bang for your AI buck.

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From Polished to Personal: Top Trends Reshaping Video in B2B Marketing

TikToks, explainers, and podcasts, oh my! When it comes to B2B video, we're not in Content Kansas anymore. And when you throw in generative AI tools, things get even more interesting.

With demand for video content rising on all channels, not to mention a macro shift from more polished to more personal, where do you go next? What types of videos should your B2B marketing team be focusing on, and how should they be creating them? Are you going to hire more producers, creators, or your best friend's niece who recently blew up on TikTok?

The opportunities for video in B2B marketing have never been bigger...but how we best take advantage of the latest trends isn't entirely clear. Join a diverse set of B2B video production leaders to learn how their content strategies have evolved in recent years, where they're placing their bets in 2023, and where they see the world going in the years ahead.

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Boost Your Productivity and 2x Sales as an AE or BDR: Tips, Tech, and Proven Habits

Learn practical tips to 2x your sales results...without burning out.

Join three-time top Salesforce influencer and WSJ best-selling author Marcus Chan to learn his proven strategies for achieving more sales with less effort. Discover how to focus on the power of modern tech, with proven habits for streamlining your work and increasing your productivity.

Marcus will teach you how to identify time-wasting activities and prioritize high-leverage tasks, and will introduce you to simple tech hacks like video emails, free “underground” Chrome extensions, and more that can help you achieve better results in less time. He'll delve into other simple hacks that will cost you zero dollars but have been responsible for helping him hit and exceed his quota 13 consecutive years in a row (100-250%+), and will show you how these hacks can help you prioritize tasks, manage distractions, and reduce stress.

Walk away with a better understanding of:

  • How to increase your sales productivity by using technology and simple hacks
  • Key habits that empower you to sell more and stress less
  • Actionable strategies to optimize your sales process and achieve your goals faster than ever
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Rise of the Creators: Why B2B Marketing is Hiring Creators, Evangelists, and Audience Builders

Maybe it's just us, but there seems to be a growing trend of B2B companies hiring in-house evangelists, content creators, community builders, and influencers. For these individuals, it's their job to build a personal brand, grow online followings, host shows and podcasts, and represent their company.

Vidyard's done it. So have Airmeet, Sendoso, and Lavender. And we're all here to spill the beans! We'll discuss why our brands are investing in these types of roles, how to identify the right type of evangelist or creator for your own business, how to maximize the value of these unique individuals, and how to connect these personal brands to business demand.

If you're considering elevating your content program, investing in a media strategy, building a community, or just expanding brand awareness, this session is for you.

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