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January 10, 2024·10 min read

Best AI Prompts for Sellers: Leverage These ChatGPT Prompts for Sales

Discover how AI tools like ChatGPT can reinvent your approach—including the best AI prompts for sellers. From video scripts to prompts for sales role-play exercises, AI can help elevate your tactics.

AI tools like ChatGPT are everywhere, but knowing how and where to use them is a bit overwhelming. So, how can ChatGPT be used in sales, and what are the best AI prompts for sales? Here’s the best way to think about it as a seller: You can treat AI tools like digital sales assistants. You can have back-and-forth conversations, brainstorm, ideate, and more.

From prospect research to sales email copy to sales role-play exercises, machine learning has the power to make your job easier. This article shares some of the best AI prompts for sales, free for you to use to save time and find efficiencies. So sit back, relax, and let technology do the heavy lifting.

  1. Contents
  2. Why Sellers Need to Use AI Tools Like ChatGPT
  3. Unlock Productivity with These 50+ ChatGPT Sales Prompts
  4. Get Unstuck with AI Prompts for Sales: Grab The Really, Ridiculously Good Guide to ChatGPT

Why Sellers Need to Use AI Tools Like ChatGPT

ChatGPT is far from the only AI tool out there, but it’s was the the one that kickstarted the AI explosion. (Best of all, it’s free to use.) So what does ChatGPT stand for, what the heck is it, and why should you use it in your day-to-day sales process?

ChatGPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer (um, ok?), was developed by the artificial intelligence company OpenAI. It’s a chatbot that allows you to enter any text prompt and receive an intelligently generated output in return.

As a seller, you can use ChatGPT in countless ways. Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Streamline your sales processes. Help automate time-consuming tasks, such as generating prompts for sales email templates or drafting scripts for cold calls and sales pitches. Doing this will allow you to focus on the big stuff—like building relationships and closing deals.
  • Level up your communication. An AI generator is the ultimate communication sidekick. It can help you when it comes to crafting personalized, engaging, and relevant content that’ll leave your prospects and clients totally wowed.
  • Automate repetitive tasks. Quit wasting valuable time on repetitive tasks like entering data or generating reports. AI tools like ChatGPT can take on these tasks, freeing you up to concentrate on higher-value activities.
  • Provide data-driven insights for sales strategies. ChatGPT can analyze large volumes of data and generate some seriously insightful gems—allowing you to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Gartner is on board, too. Their thought leaders say that sales teams who approach technologies like AI as a teammate for sellers (instead of a tool, or worse, as a replacement) will have the biggest gains when it comes to productivity and deals closed.

On top of that, Gartner predicts that one-third of outbound messages will be generated “synthetically” (translation: by AI) by 2025. And by 2028, two-thirds of the work that goes into selling will be done via generative AI. (You can read the full article here.)

To sum it up: AI is coming for sales in a big way. It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can so you can be ready to make the most of it.

A woman waves at the camera, recording a Vidyard video message with the help of Vidyard's AI Script Generator.
Vidyard AI Sales Script GeneratorA woman waves at the camera, recording a Vidyard video message with the help of Vidyard's AI Script Generator. Let AI be your assistant and create sales scripts for you. Try it Now

Unlock Productivity with These 50+ ChatGPT Sales Prompts

Finding success with AI is all about using the right prompts. After all, you can’t get the answers you’re looking for if you aren’t asking the right questions.

I’ve rounded up over 50 prompts to help you get started. You can use them with ChatGPT, or with your preferred AI tool. (How about our built-for-purpose AI generator for sales scripts?)

Before jumping in, though, a few words of caution: AI generators like ChatGPT aren’t perfect. It may sometimes generate irrelevant or repetitive content, lack human nuance, struggle with complex ideas, and produce long-winded responses. So use your discretion and add your personal touch and personality to its output where needed.

ChatGPT’s knowledge base only covers data up to a certain year. (As of the time of writing, the last knowledge update of ChatGPT 3.5—the freely available version—reached up to January 2022.) It isn’t informed about topics happening after that date, so don’t expect it to answer questions that require current-day knowledge or access to today’s Internet.

Additionally, privacy and data security concerns may arise, so don’t input financial, trade secrets, or other high-security risk content that could expose you or your company. Consider anonymizing it or using placeholders for sensitive content.

One last tip: Keep iterating. If you don’t like what ChatGPT gives you, try a different prompt. Have the generator expand or reframe; if it misses the mark entirely, alter your prompt and see what comes back.

Watch and Learn

AI tools like ChatGPT can revolutionize your sales process and boost your productivity, but you need the right prompts. Sales Feed breaks down some of the most common questions and concerns about AI in sales.

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Writing Prompts for Sales Discovery and Research

ChatGPT can scout your target markets, size up your competitors, and help you summarize large bodies of content. Give some of the following writing prompts a try for your sales discovery and prospect research, and adjust them to meet your needs or specific market requirements.

  • Summarize industry trends in the e-commerce sector and how they impact small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Provide a competitive analysis of the top three CRM solutions for small businesses, focusing on their features, pricing, and target audience.
  • Identify the key challenges and opportunities in the mobile app development market for the next two years.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our main competitor in the digital marketing space, and suggest potential areas to capitalize on.
  • Outline the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of the target market for eco-friendly home cleaning products.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis of [your biggest competitor]. Identify their main strengths and weaknesses. Provide an analyze their overall strategies inducing pricing, main differentiators, and customer feedback.
  • Analyze the state of the cybersecurity industry, highlighting threats to their business models. What implications does this have for businesses in the financial sector?
  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the target market for customer service software solutions, considering the technological readiness, perceived needs, and potential concerns of the market.
  • Explore the impact of remote work trends on the demand for cloud-based productivity tools. Identify which features or services are most valuable to businesses navigating a hybrid work environment.
  • Investigate the role of sustainability in the manufacturing industry. What are businesses doing to improve their environmental footprint, and how is this affecting their choice of suppliers and partners?
  • Summarize this article for me with the most pertinent information. [Add text copied from an article, LinkedIn Post, or blog your prospect wrote]
  • Summarize and pull out the key points from this transcript. [Upload a video transcript from a call or recorded webinar] 

Can AI Write Sales Emails?

AI can also work its magic on your sales emails. By leveraging AI tools and entering the right AI prompts for sales, you can curate personalized templates for first touches or follow-ups that’ll keep your leads and clients engaged. When it comes to writing prompts, no two are ever quite the same, so you’ll never have to worry about bland, template-sounding emails.

How to Use ChatGPT for Sales Emails

ChatGPT is the perfect tool for writing effective sales emails. You can use it to write any type of sales email—from prospecting and cold emails to follow-up emails and those sent at the closing part of the deal process.

With ChatGPT, you have all the tools to craft engaging and persuasive sales emails to help you close more deals. Try these ChatGPT prompts for sales emails and see how they work for you.

(Note The emails that ChatGPT produces can often be pretty wordy. Try using ChatGPT’s outputs as a first step, then whittle it down into something shorter and more to-the-point.)

ChatGPT Prompts for Sales Prospecting or Cold Emails

  • Craft an attention-grabbing prospecting email for a salesperson targeting small business owners who need a CRM solution.
  • Write an engaging introductory email for a digital marketing agency reaching out to e-commerce businesses for the first time.
  • Create a persuasive introductory email for a salesperson targeting startups in need of project management software.
  • Compose an intriguing cold email for a data analytics service provider reaching out to medium-sized businesses in the healthcare sector.
  • Devise an engaging prospecting email for a salesperson reaching out to restaurants and cafes, promoting a new POS system.
  • Write a compelling cold email for an IT consultancy firm introducing their services to financial institutions.

Writing Prompts for Follow-up Emails

  • Generate a friendly follow-up email for a salesperson who had an initial phone call with a potential client interested in website design services.
  • Create a follow-up email for a software sales rep to remind a prospect about a product demo they attended last week.
  • Write a thoughtful follow-up email for a salesperson who provided a custom software solution presentation to a potential client.
  • Generate a follow-up email for a salesperson who had a video conference with a prospect interested in logistics services.
  • Create a follow-up email for a B2B sales rep reminding a prospect about the white paper they shared regarding the latest trends in their industry.
  • Craft a follow-up email for an HR solution salesperson after a potential client attended a webinar about their platform.

Prompts for Sales Closing Emails

  • Compose a persuasive closing email for an insurance salesperson offering a limited-time discount on a policy to a prospect who’s been evaluating options.
  • Draft a compelling email for a salesperson looking to close a deal on a SaaS subscription, emphasizing the value and benefits the prospect will gain.
  • Compose a compelling closing email for a salesperson offering a limited-time upgrade to a premium service for a prospect in the trial period.
  • Draft a persuasive email for a salesperson seeking to finalize a deal on an enterprise-level cybersecurity package, focusing on the critical need and ROI.
  • Write a strong closing email for a salesperson offering a bundled package of digital marketing services to a prospect who’s shown interest.
  • Create a closing email for a salesperson attempting to seal a deal on an HR software solution, highlighting the time and cost savings the prospect company will realize.

Using ChatGPT for a Subject Line Prompt

In addition to getting AI to take a first stab at your email copy, why not have it generate email subject line ideas as well?

Use your email copy as a base and ask AI to devise alternatives for the best subject lines to accompany it. You could even A/B test a few of them to see which one converts best. Below are some AI subject line prompt examples you can try for yourself.

  • Based on the email copy above, come up with ten compelling alternative email subject lines 40 characters in length that will capture the recipient’s attention. Have at least five of the subject lines personalized to the recipient, [your recipient’s name].
  • Based on the content of the email, generate five creative subject lines that instantly communicate the core offering of our product. Then, create another five subject lines that use personalization and the recipient’s industry to make the email stand out in [your recipient’s name] inbox.
  • Considering the content of the email above, devise ten high-impact subject lines that would intrigue the recipient and encourage them to open the email. Ensure at least half of these subject lines are personalized and address the specific needs or challenges of [your recipient’s name].
  • Given the details of the email above, craft ten persuasive subject lines that capture the essence of our proposition. Five of these should be tailored specifically to [your recipient’s name] and their company’s potential pain points or aspirations.

Sales Prompts for LinkedIn and General Content Generation

AI-powered generators are invaluable for creating a consistent stream of engaging, relevant, and informative content for social media and digital platforms. They not only help strengthen your online presence but also attract potential clients.

With AI generators, you can effortlessly produce high-quality content, saving time and resources without sacrificing ingenuity, wit, or style. Just be sure to make an editing pass through this content to check it for accuracy and make it match your personal voice. This lets you maintain an active online presence while focusing on more pressing tasks.

  • Write a blog post on the top five benefits of using project management software for remote teams.
  • Craft a series of social media posts highlighting the success stories of our clients who have used our services to grow their businesses.
  • Create a LinkedIn article discussing the future of artificial intelligence in customer service and how businesses can leverage it for success.
  • Develop an infographic that compares the features and benefits of our product to those of our competitors.
  • Write a case study showcasing how our software helped clients increase revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Compose a listicle detailing ten practical tips for small business owners to optimize their digital marketing strategies.
  • Generate a series of engaging tweets sharing industry news, expert insights, and tips related to our niche.

Best Prompts for AI Sales Video Scripts

If you’re new to using video in your sales process, you may be a bit nervous or unsure of what to say once you hit record. So, how do you make a video script with the help of an AI script generator for sales? Easy. You can use ChatGPT prompts for your video scripts. Or, try Vidyard’s AI sales script generator and create your sales video script in seconds. You can then record and share with your prospects and clients.

Feel free to try writing some of the prompts for AI sales video scripts below. Then, use a tool like the Vidyard Chrome extension to record your script.

  • Generate a 60-second sales script asking if [prospect’s name and job title] is struggling with [problem]. Include an anecdote about [relevant detail about your prospect].
  • Write a 30-second sales script as a follow-up to a meeting with [prospect] from [prospect’s company]. Let them know I’m attaching [resource name], where they can read more about [product name].
  • Compose a 3-min sales script to walk [prospect name] through the sales proposal I’ve attached to the email. Summarize the following [copy and paste proposal information]. End the video script by reminding them of our meeting on [date and time].
A woman waves at the camera, recording a Vidyard video message with the help of Vidyard's AI Script Generator.
Vidyard AI Sales Script Generator A woman waves at the camera, recording a Vidyard video message with the help of Vidyard's AI Script Generator. Let AI be your assistant and create sales scripts for you. Try it Now

AI Prompts for Cold Calling Scripts or Sales Pitches

Ready to automate your cold call scripts or sales pitch process with minimal effort? AI-generated scripts can make all the difference in getting a customer’s attention and hooking them with your pitch. We’ve compiled some exciting AI prompts to help you craft pitches that hit the mark every time. Give them a try and see what comes back.

  • Develop a sales pitch for a time-tracking software targeting small businesses struggling with employee productivity and time management issues.
  • Create a sales pitch for a commercial real estate agent helping a growing startup find the perfect office space that suits their expansion needs and budget constraints.
  • Craft a sales pitch for a managed IT services provider targeting companies experiencing frequent downtime and cyber security issues.
  • Write a sales pitch for a marketing consultant offering solutions to small businesses struggling with low online visibility and poor search engine rankings.
  • Compose a sales pitch for a gym membership aimed at busy professionals seeking convenient and flexible workout options to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

AI Prompts for Sales Role Play

Sales roleplaying is a powerful tool to help salespeople practice and refine their pitch technique. With the help of ChatGPT, it’s easy to develop creative ways to conduct sales role-playing. This can help you to hone your pitch and navigate sales objections as a sales professional. Try some of these sample prompts for sales role-play exercises.

  • Act as a prospect who is hesitant about the cost of our software solution. Let’s discuss the value and benefits it offers.
  • Pretend you are a lead who doesn’t see the immediate value of our product. I’ll address your concerns and demonstrate their importance.
  • Roleplay as a potential client interested in more information about our services before committing. I’ll provide the necessary details to help you make a decision.
  • Play the part of a prospect concerned about data security and privacy in our cloud-based application. I’ll explain how we ensure the safety of your data.
  • Imagine you’re a client considering switching from a competitor’s product to ours. I’ll highlight the advantages of making the switch.
  • Act as a current customer, and let me upsell you to a higher-tier subscription plan by explaining the additional benefits you’ll receive.
  • Pretend you’re a prospect seeking a better price or extra features before signing a contract. I’ll negotiate with you to find a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Act as a CFO of [company size] in this [industry]. Our company offers [add these types of products or solutions], help me put together the right pitch and messaging for you.
  • I sell a product that [add what your product does]. Here’s our value prop: [add your value prop]. And here are the people I sell into: [add personas]. Here’s the sub-industry: [add industry info]. I’ve got a call with [add person/role]. What do you think will go wrong with this call?

Get Unstuck with AI Prompts for Sales: Grab The Really, Ridiculously Good Guide to ChatGPT

AI tools such as ChatGPT bring unprecedented opportunities to enhance your sales process. While getting started with AI generators can feel overwhelming, this article provides a concise overview of how to make the most of this technology. Want to keep exploring? Grab The Really, Ridiculously Good Guide to ChatGPT for B2B Sales for even more tips and tricks.

The Really, Ridiculously Good Guide to ChatGPT
ChatGPT for Sales Guide The Really, Ridiculously Good Guide to ChatGPT Sell more with the help of with ChatGPT! This guide has everything you need to know. Get the Guide

By embracing AI-powered ideas and conversations, you can unlock new levels of creativity, efficiency, and productivity—making connecting with prospects easier, crafting compelling copy, and closing deals more effectively. So next time you feel stuck, remember that AI tools can help you get unstuck when needed.

This post was originally published on May 17, 2023. It was updated on January 10, 2024.

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