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How to Use Video to Drive, Engage, and Qualify Leads

5 minute read
Lead Generation Video

Video is much more than just a content medium for delivering your message. As marketing technology begins to catch up with marketing creativity, video is quickly rising to the top of many marketers’ toolkits. More than 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any…

Maximize your Holiday Marketing: Six Pointers for a Festive Video

3 minute read
Holiday Marketing Video

‘Twas the week before the holidays, and the marketers were busy, Creating holiday campaigns had never been easy. Other inboxes were filling with offers and cheer, But all this team had done was look at those ones and sneer. So they decided to create a video, what…

Oracle, Deltek, (and Vidyard!) Share How They’ve Used Video Analytics in Real Campaigns

4 minute read
Video Analytics

There’s a reason that “actionable insights” is such an overused, buzz phrase: because data that measures the past with no insight into what to do in the future is as good to us marketers as that dusty sock that’s been underneath your bed for the last 6…

This Team’s Conquered The Culture Video. Here’s how.

3 minute read
Culture video

Culture. It’s all the buzz. But it’s about more than open offices, free lobster lunches, and dock chairs. It’s about the people. And what better way to showcase your people than with video? Plasticity Labs, a B2B company building a platform that connects employees, increases engagement, and…

Top 10 Reasons Why Video Should Take a Leading Role in Your Content Marketing Plan

3 minute read
Benefits of Video

It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise. And, it’s certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web and while video marketing is frequently an afterthought, its…

7 Critical Components of Believable Testimonial Videos

3 minute read
testimonial tips

What you do is pretty awesome. Where you work is sweet and the product or service you sell is stellar. We don’t doubt it. But your prospects might. That’s why testimonials are key: hearing this from someone outside of your office is even more persuasive. Testimonials provide…

Move Prospects Through the Buying Process with Video

2 minute read
Lead Nurturing

Video content marketing has officially reached the mainstream and unless you’re prepared to put your neck out and take some calculated risks, your carefully sculpted content WILL fall into the abyss. The question is how can you use less conventional types of video content to capture attention…

How to Use Data to Make Your Video Marketing More Strategic

1 minute read
Video Analytics Webinar

86% of marketers are using some form of measurement of video marketing effectiveness, according to a recent video marketing research report. The trouble is, simply collecting your video stats doesn’t translate directly to getting the most out of your marketing videos. The magic lies in what you…

Good Idea? Making Informed Content Decisions with Video Data

0 minute read
GIBI Feature

Attention spans are getting … hey, you! Back here! Focus. We were saying attention spans are getting shorter. We’ve all noticed. And yeah sure, using video in your content plan can help you combat the gold-fish age of attention spans. But admit it, you know that even…

4 Clever B2B Videos to add to Your Content Strategy

3 minute read
Video in the Funnel

If you’re looking to jump start your video marketing strategy, chances are you’ve wondered, “what kind of video should we plan for next?”. Planning your strategic content in advance is incredibly important as you want each video asset to contribute toward business goals in some way. If…