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[Guide] How to Use Video and Marketing Automation to Better Engage, Qualify, and Convert Buyers

1 minute read
video marketing automation

Video is here to stay. It’s a preferred method of consumption, it converts at a higher rate than any other content type, and by 2018, according to Cisco, 80% of internet traffic will be comprised of video alone. What’s more, this powerhouse doesn’t shy away from duties…

4 Pro Tips for Creating Video Content that Resonates with your Audience

1 minute read
Creating Video Content

You know video’s where it’s at. But how do you create content that will pull in qualified buyers and keep them coming back for more? Alex Marshall, Founder of George Briggs Media shares his top tips to crafting the right video content and driving measurable results. Video…

What Does Attention Span Data Say About Your Vid…Hey, Pay Attention!

4 minute read
Attention Span data feature

The Internet can be a harsh place; if someone isn’t interested in you, they don’t let you down easy or sugarcoat to save your feelings. They simply click away, sometimes mid-conversation, sometimes before you’ve even gotten more than a few words out. And worse, you can’t even…

A Step-by-Step Guide: Map your Audience’s Website Journey & Build a Video Plan to Match

4 minute read
video content

Methodically laying out your video content to align with both the buyer’s journey and the corresponding path they take through your website is one of the best tactics you can use to ensure you’re delivering the right content to the right buyer at the right time. And…

Prevent Your Landing Page from Becoming a Launching Pad (See What I Did There?)

3 minute read
Unbounce Webinar

Used every tip, trick, and marketing technique to get visitors to your landing page? Well done. But are you confident you’ve done everything you can do to not only keep them there, but convert them? I can basically hear the “Hmm, well…” from here. Stop chewing your…

Video Marketing How-To: Performing a YouTube Channel Audit

1 minute read
YouTube Performance Audit

Welcome to the first episode of Video Marketing How To! One question we hear a lot from our viewers is how to understand if the content on their YouTube channel is performing. So today I want to walk you through running a content audit on your YouTube…

Top 5 Ways to Manage and Scale your Video Marketing Library

5 minute read
Grow Video Library

“Who cleaned up and organized? I knew where everything was before!” – Me (and come on, admit it, probably you too.) There’s a reason why organized people are sometimes considered “neat freaks” – the rest of us want to pretend that our mess is normal. We work…

Marketers Still Struggle with all that Data, But Technology Offers a New Hope

3 minute read
Marketing Data

Remember what it was like to navigate someplace before you had Google maps? Or before you had a smart phone? Before even having a computer? It required a lot of face time with maps. You always had to know where you were going before you left. It…

The Value-Add of Video in the Content Journey

2 minute read
buyer's content journey video

Marketers consistently look for new ways to Engage buyers. Today’s best marketers are analytical, creative and measure everything to ensure we achieve optimal results. Modern marketers rely on a well-defined Demand Generation Strategy to engage, nurture and convert buyers throughout the stages of their buyer’s journey. A…

From Marketing Tech to Organizational Alignment: Pocket these Lessons from Sirius Decisions 2015

4 minute read
Sirius Decisions 2015

If you’re a modern marketer who’s using the demand waterfall, lead scoring or lead nurturing, then you’ve probably heard of Sirius Decisions. What you may not know is that every year SiriusDecisions brings together some of the best and brightest minds in sales, marketing and product, from…