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How to Use Website Customization and Video to Get More Customers

4 minute read
website customization

How amazing would it be if a company knew exactly what you wanted without you having to ask or search? No more looking through a website, trying to find the product or service you’re interested in among all the other options. Let’s say, for example, you wanted…

Want to be a Marketing Hero? Use Closed-Loop Marketing with Video!

2 minute read
Closed Loop Feature

So what is closed-loop marketing, exactly? Essentially, it means that the marketing and sales teams are working together to collect, analyze, leverage, and – here’s the key word – share the right information with each other to identify, attract, and convert the best leads. Okaay…but what does…

Facebook Video for Marketers: How to Make the Most of 4 Billion Daily Views

5 minute read
Oreo Facebook video

Marketers have had a rocky relationship with Facebook over the last few years. While they’ve introduced amazing new pages options, they’ve changed their organic display algorithm numerous times to limit how company posts are displayed to their followers. News of updates to Facebook’s brand experience are always…

3 Million Installs and Counting: The Rise of Sales and Marketing Apps

1 minute read
Salesforce Video

Pop the confetti cannons and crank up some Kool & the Gang because it’s time for marketing and sales teams to celebrate! This week, the Salesforce AppExchange surpassed 3 million application installs across the Salesforce customer community. Even if you’re not a Salesforce customer or haven’t started…

3 Questions Every Modern Marketer Needs to be Asking about their Video Strategy

3 minute read
video strategy for modern marketer

As a marketer, I’ve always believed in the power of video. Video has the power to tell your story with the kind of passion and authenticity matched only by being there in person. But as the Internet moves towards more video content, savvy marketers are raising their…

Why Four Billion Video Views Means a lot, Even to B2B Marketers

2 minute read
Facebook video for business

Look out YouTube. Here comes Facebook. During its earnings call on Wednesday, Facebook revealed some incredible numbers on video content. Most notably, Facebook users now view more than four billion videos a day on the social network. Let that sink in for a moment. That number by…

CEO of Altimeter Group, Charlene Li sees Huge Opportunities for Leaders Communicating with Video

3 minute read
Charlene Li Video for Leaders

Leaders need to catch up to communication technology and extend their power and influence through digital channels. Or so says Charlene Li, Founder and CEO of Altimeter Group and recent author of “The Engaged Leader: A Strategy for your Digital Transformation”. Last week, at Marketo’s Marketing Nation…

5 Ways to Make Good Pre-roll Ads (that people might actually watch)

3 minute read
Pre-roll video ads

Between the title and the first line, I’ve shown why you want to read this article, and it only took 5 seconds. If you have no interest in what you’ve seen so far, it’s likely you’re ready to leave. This is the basic premise of a pre-roll—those…

Engagement is Everything: Our Takeaways from Marketing Nation 2015

3 minute read
Marketo Summit

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit is like starter’s pistol for marketers in Q2. Spring has sprung, and thousands of marketers descended on San Francisco to learn from one another, share some drinks at the annual gala, and discover new technologies to take their marketing to the next level….

5 Tips to Take Your Infographic from Static to Electric with Video

4 minute read
video infographic

Not many content forms can beat the infographic. It’s got style, it’s got class. It provides a lot of information, facts, and statistics in an easily digestible, and even better, enjoyable way. But one content form does have the infographic beat: video. It’s not a frozen piece…