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The Top Video Selling Tool for Sales Teams

Want to stand out from the crowd? Put a face to your name with video. Share demos, proposal walkthroughs, and customer stories that push opportunities over the finish line. Vidyard integrates with the tools you already use, making it easy to implement video through the entire sales funnel.

Bonus: Vidyard’s Super Stealable Prospecting Process

Get all the tips you need to succeed with video, from Vidyard's own sales team. With this step-by-step remote prospecting playbook, you'll have the tools you need to book more meetings and close more deals. And don’t forget to sign up for a free Vidyard account to try it all out!

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Headshot image of Kyle Norton, VP Sales at League
“I attribute a great deal of our success to the early adoption of Vidyard. Their video creation tool is our secret weapon in the ever-competitive world of marketing and sales.” Read full review
kyle norton
VP Sales,