Video in
Business Awards

Celebrating the Most Inspiring Stories and Impactful Usecases of
Video in B2B Marketing, Sales, and Video Production

Submissions for Vidyard’s Video in Business Awards 2019 have now closed. Check out all of the finalists and winners here!

The 2019 Video in
Business Awards
are about impact,
not view counts!

We’re looking for marketing, sales, and video production trailblazers who are using video strategically throughout the buyers’ journey to drive better business outcomes.

Winners will be based on both content effectiveness and the quantitative impact that content has on their business results. Sound like you? Enter now!


The Storyteller: Exceptional Writing and Storytelling in B2B Video Marketing

The Storyteller understands that the art of creative storytelling isn’t just for Hollywood. This exceptional B2B marketer or marketing team writes masterful scripts that result in share-worthy videos that inspire action and produce an emotional response. Whether its a product demo, campaign video, customer story, or explainer, the Storyteller deserves an Oscar for best original scripts in B2B video marketing.

The Visionary: Most Creative Use of Video to Stand Out and Drive Conversions

The Visionary recognizes that “good enough” is no longer good enough, creating exceptional video experiences that engage prospects and customers in unique and innovative ways. This marketing team is ahead of the pack using interactive video, personalized video, live streaming, or custom video experiences to produce results the rest of us only dream about.

The Performer: Most Impactful and Strategic Use of Video Content and Tech to Generate Demand and a Huge ROI

The Performer knows that when it comes to video in business, view counts don’t count. This team uses video throughout the buyer’s journey to generate more leads, accelerate pipeline, and close more deals—and has the data to back it up. The Performer is a best-in-class example of how to use video content and video analytics in a strategic and integrated way to deliver real business results.

The Attractor: Best Use of Video to Connect with Prospects and Generate Sales Opps

The Attractor knows that it takes more than a catchy subject line to warm up a cold prospect. This memorable sales development rep (or team) uses personal videos in creative ways to stand out from the crowd, connect in more authentic ways, book more meetings, and crush their quota.

The Accelerator: Best Use of Video to Accelerate Deal Cycles and Drive New Business

The Accelerator uses video to stay one step ahead of the competition. This epic account exec (or entire team) uses targeted videos to create more opportunities, accelerate deal cycles, and increase close rates. From one-to-one video messages to customized demos and sales proposals, they use the power of video to personalize their message, build trust, and ring more bells.

The Innovator: Most Creative, Innovative, or Unexpected Use of Video for Sales

The Innovator is blazing new trails when it comes to personalizing outreach to customers and prospects. This fearless individual or team is using video in creative ways to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. The secret to their success? Doing unique, unexpected, and eye-catching things on camera to reach out to their buyers in a way that is simply irresistible.

The Producer: Top In-House Video Producer at a B2B or B2C Company

The Producer is a top-notch in-house video creator who helps their business generate big results with amazing video content. This individual not only produces killer marketing videos, but they also help teams across the business do more with video content. Nominate yourself, or nominate the producer in your business who you simply couldn’t live without!

The Enabler: Best Implementation of a Video Enablement Program

The Enabler is a savvy business that is empowering people across the company to create and share customized video content. They recognize that video is here to stay, and are taking bold steps to ensure marketers, sellers, customer service reps and others can take a do-it-yourself approach to creating and leveraging video content as a better way to connect with their audience.

The Agency Partner of the Year: Top Agency Partner, as Voted by Their Clients

The Agency Partner of the Year goes above-and-beyond to help their clients be successful with impactful video content. They not only produce amazing videos, but they help their clients plan and execute their video content strategy. Agencies must be nominated by one of their clients! If you’re an awesome agency deserving of this award, please ask your client if they agree – and if so, have them submit! If you’re part of a business and you think the agency you work with deserves this prestigious honor, you know what to do.

The Video Master: Embracing Video Across the Business to Fuel Growth

The Video Master is the business we all aspire to be. This visionary organization is embracing the power of video to transform every stage of the customer journey. From marketing and sales to success and support, they use a wide range of video content to humanize their brand, educate their buyers, accelerate sales cycles, and connect with customers in more personal ways.


Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer

Matt Heinz

Founder and President
Heinz Marketing

Andrew Davis

Best-Selling Author of
Monumental Shift

Dianna Geairn

TradeShow Makeover™

Shawn Karol Sandy

Chief Revenue Officer
The Selling Agency

Scott Ingram

Host of the
Sales Success Stories Podcast

Jeff Howell

Director of Growth

Eric Langhoff

Producer, Video and Event

Brian Fanzo


Stephanie Baiocchi

Director of Audience Engagement

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing


What Can I Win?
In addition to ongoing recognition, Video in Business category finalists and winners will receive prize packs designed to help their teams further accelerate their video creation efforts! Prizes are subject to change.

Past Winners

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The Video in Business Awards are run by Vidyard. These awards are a way to celebrate modern marketing, sales, and video production trailblazers who are using video in creative ways to solve real business challenges and generate better results.

Yes, absolutely! We’ve prepared a handy, downloadable PDF that you can use to help you plan your Video in Business Awards submission.

Yes, absolutely! We’ve prepared a handy, downloadable PDF with all of the questions. We’ve also included a sample submission in this PDF so that you can make sure you provide the right amount of information to our judges.

Absolutely! We have an entire video library to get your creative juices flowing. Check out our Video Inspiration Hub.

Submissions must be video content produced and used between January 1, 2019, and now.

Tell us about your problem, solution, and key results from your campaign or video. A video is not required as part of your submission, but considering these are video awards, —we will enthusiastically accept video along with your submission.

Video is not required as part of your submission, but considering these are video awards, we will enthusiastically accept video along with your submission. Adding a video will improve your chances.

To win a Vidyard Video in Business Award you do not need to be a Vidyard customer or partner. You do, however, need to have the rights/permission to share your video content publicly.

Absolutely! Please fill out the application for each award category you wish to be considered for. Please note that you are only eligible to win one award.

Applications with be evaluated by our panel of judges based on overall video content and supporting results demonstrating impact.

If you are selected as a finalist, we will contact you via email by November 5.

Other Questions? Feel free to email us at press@vidyard.com