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Video in Business

The results are in! We’re thrilled to have received so many incredible submissions for this year’s Video in Business Awards!

Explore the winners of each category below and get inspired for 2021!

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The 2020 Video in
Business Awards
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Congratulations to all the 2020 Video in Business Award-winners and finalists who are using video strategically to drive better business results!

We can’t wait to see what you do next. Explore the winners by category below.


The Educator: Exceptional Use of Video to Educate Prospects, Earn Their Trust, and Generate Inbound Leads

The Educator understands that today’s buyers crave helpful and engaging online content, both to learn about new topics and potential vendors. This marketing team creates awesome educational video content to clearly answer the questions their buyers are asking and to show—not just tell—how to solve problems. They use those videos across social media (including YouTube), their own website, and other digital channels to generate qualified inbound leads and cement their reputation as a trusted brand.
Winner: AQUILA Commercial
“AQUILA Commercial has fully adopted video as a core part of their marketing strategy. The videos were informative and well-produced. It’s fantastic to see this kind of focus on educational content from a commercial real estate company.” – Judge Renee Teeley
Runners-Up: RetroFoam of Michigan, Simple Strat
Honorable Mentions: Leica Geosystems (Hexagon), Honeywell Aerospace

The Visionary: Most Creative Use of Video to Drive Audience Engagement and Generate Mind-Blowing Results

The Visionary appreciates that high-impact video content can be the best way to engage prospects and drive ridiculously high conversion rates. This innovative marketer or marketing team has used exceptional video content to stand out from the crowd, inspire action, and radically boost conversion rates on key marketing campaigns or digital properties. Whether through an interactive video demo, share-worthy social campaign, branded video series, or another initiative, this marketing team truly deserves a standing ovation for their impactful and innovative use of video.
Winner: Tech Data
Tech Data embraced personalized video technology to create unique videos at scale! Adding in their customers’ names, details and relevant stats boosted engagement and helped close more business in 2020.
Runners-Up: InVision, Lightico
Honorable Mentions: Trimble, No Lift Install

The Storyteller: Exceptional use of Storytelling, Humour, or Emotion in Video to Engage Audiences in New Ways

The Storyteller understands that video is the perfect way to tell a great story, to make audiences laugh, and to connect on a more emotional level. Through inventive use of metaphor and format, their unique and powerful storytelling is changing the way they build relationships with audiences and worthy of a Video in Business Academy Award!
Winner: IMPRINT Group
It’s rare to see a B2B brand be so authentic, transparent and vulnerable. Their social video told the story of their company’s struggle throughout the pandemic to bring their community together. It’s the kind of story that sticks in your mind and builds great respect for the brand.
Runners-Up: Baker Tilly, Just Kibbitz
Honorable Mentions: Deep Trekker, Viqtory

The Virtual Event’er: Most Awesome, Engaging, and Impactful Virtual Event Hosted By a B2B Brand

The Virtual Event’er is a true marketing master when it comes to planning and executing a virtual event that attendees absolutely love. Understanding the need to pivot from live to virtual events, this marketing team took things to the next level by leveraging the right technology, promotional channels, and creative tactics to deliver an online event that was hyper engaging and left attendees wanting more.
Winner: Axonify
AxoniCom LIVE was a creative spectacle that reimagined what’s possible in a virtual event! By mixing together highly produced, multi-camera sets, found footage, live to air interviews, community building chats and downloadable assets, this event kept audiences engaged and entertained.
Runners-Up: The Knot Worldwide, Tech Data
Honorable Mentions: LinkedIn, Sales Success Media

Video Marketing Program of the Year: Most Impactful Use of Video Content and Analytics Across Marketing Channels to Boost Conversions and Generate More Pipeline

The Video Marketing Program of the Year recognizes amazing marketing teams who’re unlocking the power of video content and analytics to transform their results. This team uses video throughout the entire buyer’s journey, and across multiple channels and programs, to generate more leads, accelerate pipeline, and close more deals. They’re using video analytics to better understand their prospects, qualify leads faster, and track the true impact of their video content. In other words, this marketing team is absolutely crushing it with video.
Winner: 7Geese
The “small but mighty” marketing team at 7Geese makes the most of their efforts by focusing strategically on brand awareness, nurture and web conversions, always prioritizing their use of video to enhance the audience experience. With results like $100,000 in new sales derived from product walkthrough videos, this prolific team shows that you don’t need a big budget to make a big impact with video!
Runners-Up: New Breed, Unity
Honorable Mentions: LinkedIn, FinancialForce

The Pitch Perfecter(s): Most Impactful and Most Creative Use of Personal Video for Outbound Prospecting By a Sales Rep or Team

The Pitch Perfecter knows that it takes more than a catchy subject line to warm up a cold prospect. This memorable BDR, account executive, or sales team uses personal one-to-one videos in creative ways to stand out from the crowd and to book more meetings with key accounts.
Most Creative Winner: Sam Kean (Fresh Relevance)
Sam uses video to get personal with his prospects in the most creative ways he can find, often using props to catch attention and demonstrate how he can help. Since he started using video Sam has achieved 95% open rates and three times higher reply rates, that help him land meetings with big enterprise accounts.
Runners-Up: Chris van Praag (BabelQuest), Frank Weschler (Dynamic Signal) Honorable Mentions: Team emc3, Jared Ingram (OSI Global IT)
Most Impactful Winner: Matt Hall (Woodway UK)
An “unboxing”-video for a packaging company? It sounds like a no-brainer, but Matt took his unboxing to the next level, making it personal for his prospects and highlighting how he could help, without giving too much away. Booking a meeting used to take upwards of forty calls, but with video Matt’s been able to book two meetings from just eleven videos—now that’s impact!
Runners-Up: Kayla Cytron-Thaler (Domino Data Lab), Lou Casados (Channel Advisor) Honorable Mentions: Team Sellab, Marc Mendes (Infinity Group)

The Visual Seller(s): Best Use of Video Throughout the Sales Process to Shorten Deal Cycles and Increase Close Rates

The Visual Seller blazes new trails when it comes to personalizing outreach to customers and prospects. This fearless sales team or individual sales rep uses personal videos in creative ways to connect with their prospects and move them through the deal cycle faster than ever—without having to rely on frequent, live-meeting video calls.
Winner: Thomas Buchanan (Modus)
Thomas has reinvented his sales process to use video every step of the way. From one-to-one prospecting, to screen recorded customer stories, Thomas isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and experiment with different video formats. He understands how to use video analytics to monitor his results, make adjustments and optimize sales efforts to see big results.
Runners-Up: Carol VanHook-Weaver (Akara Partners), Max MacCready (Jellyvision, Inc.)
Honorable Mentions: Derek Hayden (Dansig/Shelbyville Insurance), Phil Boyce (T-Mobile)

Virtual Selling Team of the Year: Epic Sales Team Who is Using Video Throughout the Full Customer Lifecycle to Radically Improve Sales Performance

The Virtual Selling Team of the Year uses video to stay one step ahead of the competition. This epic team uses video throughout the entire sales process to generate more opportunities, increase close rates, and maximize customer retention. Video messages to boost the performance of outbound prospecting? Check. Custom videos and live video calls to close deals faster than ever? You bet. On-demand videos to onboard new clients and customized videos to stay top-of-mind? Of course! This sales team will win the virtual selling world.
Winner: #paid
The SDR and AE teams at #paid know that a strong brand is built by consistently delivering a great experience for the entire buyer’s journey, from prospecting to demos, and even how objections are handled. Video has transformed the way this team sells and with results like a 5x increase in response rates to outbound, the method is working!
Runners-Up: AIS, Thryv
Honorable Mentions: FEED. The Agency, Virtual Academy

The Mastermind: Most Incredible In-House Producer or Video Team Helping Their Business Develop, Execute, and Embrace a Holistic Video Strategy

The Mastermind is an in-house producer or video team that is helping their business unlock the power of video for marketing, sales, and employee collaboration. They not only produce killer marketing and training videos, but they’re also helping teams across the business leverage video for more effective sales, internal communications, collaboration and more. Nominate yourself, or tell us about the producer in your business who you simply couldn’t live without.
Winner: Jim Kozyra (TBI)
Jim had been planning a video-first approach for his team at TBI well before the pandemic hit, and when it did, they were able to hit the ground running. TBI was able to maintain sponsorship revenue for canceled live events by pivoting to live video and virtual events, generate new leads with a brand explainer that was created entirely in quarantine and create recorded education and training opportunities for partners all over the country.
Runners-Up: Glenn McManus @ Aprimo, Jelan Maxwell @ Sophos
Honorable Mentions: Georgia State University, Tech Data

The WFH Collaborators: Best Use of Synchronous and Asynchronous Video to Successfully Transition Their Business to a Remote Model

When the business world shifted to a remote reality, The Work From Home (WFH) Collaborator didn’t panic. In fact, they embraced the move to a distributed workforce and found opportunities to use online video to become more productive and more connected than ever. This intrepid business is now using both real-time (synchronous) and on-demand (asynchronous) video to transform the way they communicate, collaborate, connect, and GSD (that’s get sh*t done) in a WFH world. They’re not only using video calls to keep their teams connected, they’re using webcam videos, custom screen recordings, smartphone videos, and produced content to keep their teams informed and productive—without falling into the Zoom fatigue trap.
Winner: McDermott Will & Emery
This adorable children’s storytime series hosted by the leadership team at McDermott Will & Emery is unique for a law firm and a shining example of how empathy and support for employees can lead to engagement and a stronger company culture.
Runners-Up: Digital22, Home Hardware
Honorable Mentions: Experian, SuperCare Health

The Video Mastery Award (VMA): The Ultimate Video-Enabled Business That Uses Video to Transform How They Market, Sell, Communicate, and Collaborate

The Video Master is the business we all aspire to be. This visionary organization embraces the power of video to transform nearly every aspect of their business. Marketing and sales, customer success and support, internal communications, and collaboration—no one gets left behind. This organization uses a wide range of video content to humanize their brand, educate their buyers, accelerate sales cycles, and keep their teams connected in an increasingly virtual world. This business truly is a video master.
Winner: Digital 22
Having adopted a video-first approach from the start, there is a certain maturity in all of Digital 22’s video content and strategy. From prospecting to demos, onboarding to team collaboration, Digital 22 enhances their business with video every step of the way, leading to a doubling in website traffic, increased inbound leads, faster deal cycles and stronger internal communication. Congratulations to the true Video Masters at Digital 22!
Runners-Up: Unbounce, ApplyBoard
Honorable Mentions: Mobilization Funding, Aprimo


What Can I Win?

Fortune and fame! Win your own custom-branded Anyvoo backdrop and $200 Amazon gift card to take your home office video setup to the next level, along with three amazing books from our celebrity judges. Stories from our winners will also be featured in articles, interviews, webinars and more.

Past Winners

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Renee Teeley

Founder of
Video Explained

Brian Fanzo

Millennial Keynote Speaker
and Founder of

David Meerman Scott

Marketing strategist and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Fanocracy

Glenn Hughes

Video Producer, Videographer, and Video Editor at

Becc Holland

CEO & Founder of
Flip the Script

Lori Richardson

CEO, Score More Sales
President, Women Sales Pros

Marcus Sheridan

President/Partner, Marcus Sheridan International/IMPACT

René Lego

Director, Video & Programming
at SolarWinds

Paula Rizzo

Media Consultant, Author,

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing
at Vidyard


Who puts on the Video in Business Awards?

Vidyard runs the Video in Business Awards annually to celebrate modern marketing, sales, and communications trailblazers who’re using video in creative ways to solve real business challenges and generate better results.

Can I see a copy of the full submission form in advance so that I can plan my application accordingly?

Yes, you can download a PDF copy of the submission form prior to filling out your award submission online.

I need inspiration. Can you help?

Absolutely! We have an entire video library to get your creative juices flowing. Check out our Video Inspiration Hub to see examples of innovative videos. Then, visit our Customer Stories page to learn more about how businesses are making an impact with video.

Can I submit an older video, campaign, or program?

Submissions must center on video content produced and used between January 1, 2020, and now.

Will submissions and results be shared externally?

Yes, we plan to share all winners and finalist stories externally. As part of your submission, we will ask that you give us permission to 1) host a copy of your video so that we can embed it into our 2020 winners blog post, reference it on our VIB awards, website, and call you out on social media and other promotional materials.

What elements are involved in my submission?

Tell us about your problem, solution, and key results from your campaign or video. A video is not required as part of your submission, but it can help! We enthusiastically accept links to your hosted videos along with your submission.

Is a video required, or a bonus?

A video is not required as part of your submission, but it can really help showcase your creativity. We enthusiastically accept video links along with your submission.

Do I need to be a Vidyard customer or partner to be eligible to participate?

You do not need to be a Vidyard customer or partner to win a Video in Business Award. You do, however, need to have the rights/permission to share any videos included in your submission publicly.

Can I enter more than one video?

Absolutely! Please fill out the application for each award category you wish to be considered for. Please note that you are only eligible to win one award.

How will my application(s) be judged?

Applications will be evaluated by our panel of judges based on video content and supporting results demonstrating impact.

How will I be notified if I’ve won?

We’ve received so many incredible submissions for this year’s 2020 Video in Business Awards. The awards program has now closed for the 2020 season. Vidyard will notify all finalists and winners if they have won via email in early December. Thanks!