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About Us

Helping businesses deliver exceptional buyer experiences.

Vidyard is the leading video messaging and asynchronous communications platform for go-to-market teams. Millions of sales professionals and more than 250,000 go-to-market teams use Vidyard’s AI-powered video messaging, video hosting, and digital sales rooms to connect with more prospects and generate more revenue.

Built for go-to-market teams, powered by AI

We believe in the power of video to foster human connections and empower go-to-market professionals to deliver trusted and productive buyer experiences.

We also believe in the power of AI to help sales and marketing teams unlock their creativity and connect with more prospects than ever before.

We’re committed to helping our customers grow their revenue faster by unleashing the potential of video and AI.


Since 2010, Vidyard has grown from a team of 2 to over 300.

12 million+

Over 12 million people use Vidyard to create and share videos.


160,000 companies choose Vidyard.

Vidyard Features and Benefits

Curious about Vidyard’s platform, pricing, and integrations?

Watch the video to get answers and learn more about us.

Our History

The Story of Vidyard

After meeting at the University of Waterloo, co-founders Michael Litt and Devon Galloway formed an innovative video startup that would ultimately graduate from the elite Y Combinator program. Since then, Vidyard has grown to include competitive features, integrations, and thought leadership that position us as a top video business platform.