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Vidyard + Integration

Make your outbound sales emails from Apollo more engaging with video. With Vidyard’s integration, you can create and send sales videos in your emails directly in Apollo to engage with contacts at scale. Overview

Apollo is an all-in-one sales intelligence platform with tools to help you prospect, engage, and drive more revenue. With Vidyard’s integration, you can quickly and easily send video messages in your Apollo sales emails to connect with more leads and engage contacts at scale. Integration Key Features

  • Connect with your contacts in a personal way. Add personalized videos into your emails to connect and build relationships with your contacts.
  • Increase your email engagement rates. Send video messages that speak directly to your contacts’ needs to increase your open, click, and response rates.
  • Streamline your video-in-email workflow. Record and send videos in your emails right from with Vidyard.

Get Started

  • Create your free Apollo account here
  • Look for the Vidyard icon when composing an email in Apollo. You can add a video to a sequence or an individual email to contact.
  • Log in to Vidyard from Apollo, or sign up for a free Vidyard account. Then, easily record a video and add it to your Apollo emails.
Integrate the power of video with your existing sales tech Get in touch with our sales team today to find out how you can make the most of video in the sales tools you already know and love.
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