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Video for Proposify

Easily add high-impact videos into your proposals and other sales documents in Proposify. Video makes an impression on customers, keeps your communications authentic, and builds a personal connection—all leading to higher close rates.

Improve the most important stage of the sales process: the close

  • Adding video to proposals improves close rates by more than 40%
  • Make new clients feel valued with a welcome video
  • Keep stakeholders in the loop on their schedule with update videos
  • Include an introduction video when handing the account off to your customer success team
  • Send a thank-you video to cement a positive experience

Add video in a few simple steps

  • Select the video icon on the toolbar within Proposify and click where you would like it placed in your document.
  • Under video properties, click Select Video (Vidyard option) and your video library will automatically open.
  • Don’t have a video yet? Easily create one with Vidyard’s free video creation tools
  • Add a video from your Vidyard library and voila! Instant proposal personalization.
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