Sales Cloud + Vidyard

Power Up Sales with Video

Prospects love video. Give them what they want to see! With Salesforce Sales Cloud + Vidyard, you can deliver engaging, traceable video experiences that are built right into your sales process, from the first touch to the final handshake.

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Record, Personalize, Analyze

Don’t just fire off an email and hope for the best. Record video messages and send them from Sales Cloud. Track every view to identify the best opportunities and measure the performance of your entire video sales strategy.


Sales Conversations Driven by Video


Reduction in Solutions Consultants’ Workload

$42 M

New Business in 6 Months

Engage via Email

Nothing drives a sale faster than a personal connection. Create videos in just a few clicks to send with Sales Cloud. Or, record and send right from High Velocity Sales.

Accelerate with Analytics

Track who watched what for a more personalized sales approach. Video analytics from Vidyard flow through to lead and contact records in Sales Cloud so you can focus on the most engaged leads.

Rank Video ROI

Don’t let your video ROI remain a mystery. Analyze view data to prove the impact of video on pipeline, revenue, and team performance.

A Video Platform Built for Business

Invest in a video solution you can count on. Vidyard is the enterprise video platform that’s backed by industry-leading video hosting, security, and analytics tools. Thousands of Salesforce-enabled sales professionals already love us.

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