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Vidyard + Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

Don’t just fire off an email and hope for the best. Record video messages and send them from Sales Cloud. Track every view to identify the best opportunities and measure the performance of your entire video sales strategy.
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Salesforce Sales Cloud Overview

Prospects love video. Give them what they want to see! With Salesforce Sales Cloud + Vidyard, you can deliver engaging, trackable video experiences that are built right into #1 CRM for sales. Accelerate growth and boost productivity with Vidyard & Salesforce.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Key Features

  • Bring the power of video selling to Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM
  • Engage customers and better understand the ROI that video brings to your sales process
  • Get video view data directly in Salesforce lead and contact records to personalize follow-ups

Get Started

  • Open the Vidyard listing in the Salesforce AppExchange in a separate browser tab
  • Click on Get it Now to begin the installation
  • Select Install in Production or Install in Sandbox (depending on the account you want to use)
  • Select the checkbox to indicate that you've read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then select Confirm and Install
  • You will be presented with options to specify for which users you want to install the app. Select Install for All Users, then click on Install
An image of a Vidyard video embedded in an email

Engage prospects and customers via email

Nothing drives a sale faster than a personal connection. Create videos in just a few clicks to send with Sales Cloud. Or, record and send video emails right from High Velocity Sales.
A visualization of Vidyard video analytics showing a video thumbnail with view data as a graph underneath.

Accelerate sales success with video analytics

Track who watched what for a more personalized sales approach. Video analytics from Vidyard flow through to lead and contact records in Salesforce Sales Cloud so you can focus on the most engaged leads.
A visualization of Vidyard & Salesforce Sales Cloud analytics dashboard with charts showing video viewing data

Understand and track video selling ROI

Don’t let your video ROI remain a mystery. Analyze view data to prove the impact of video on pipeline, revenue, and team performance.
Integrate the power of video with the world's #1 CRM for sales Get in touch with our sales team today to find out how you can make the most of video in the sales tools you already know and love.
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