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Vidyard + Slack Integration

Sometimes it’s just easier to quickly explain an idea instead of writing it. Whether you need to say more than you can write, or just want to avoid the hassle of a virtual meeting, send a video message with a screen recording using Vidyard for Slack.
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Slack Overview

Slack allows teams to easily collaborate and share information in real-time. With Vidyard in Slack, you can record and share videos as easily as typing /vidyard.

Slack Integration Key Features

  • Create screen recordings to improve collaboration and engagement by “showing” instead of “telling”
  • Send video messages that humanize day-to-day communications with employees
  • Keep count of video views to know if you’re reaching your audience

Get Started

  • Install the Vidyard app for Slack and create a free Vidyard account
  • Type /vidyard in Slack to start recording or add an existing video
  • Every video you record gets stored in your Vidyard library automatically
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