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Record and Share Videos in Slack, For Free

Sometimes it’s just easier to quickly explain an idea instead of writing it.

Whether you need to say more than you can write, or just want to avoid the hassle of a virtual meeting, send a video message with a screen recording using Vidyard for Slack.

Start or share a recording with Vidyard in Slack

Your team already uses Slack to communicate, collaborate, and streamline processes while they’re at work—take this to the next level by adding video messages.

  • Use screen recordings to improve collaboration and engagement by “showing” instead of “telling”
  • Send video messages that humanize day-to-day communications between remote employees
  • Get instant feedback from the audience you’re connecting with

It’s as easy as typing /vidyard in Slack to start recording or add an existing video. You’ll find that collaboration and productivity improve between teams when you start using video messages and screen share recordings.

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