Give your videos a home

Give your videos - and your audience - the home they deserve. Similar to a YouTube channel, a Video Hub showcases all your videos. But even better, your channel is organized, branded, and distraction-free to keep your audience engaged - and returning.

Benefits you'll love

No longer dig through landing pages or social channels to find the content you need. Keep everything under your control and managed effectively with a Video Hub. You’ll even strengthen searchability with stronger SEO.

Kick distractions
to the curb

Your Video Hub keeps your viewers on you. No cats, competitors, or anything else but the content you want to share.

Strengthen brand
awareness and loyalty

Designed to fit in seamlessly with your brand and website, there will be no doubts who crafted your strong content. No question, it’ll be a powerful experience.

Organize content

Whether you have a lot of different types or categories of videos or different groups of audiences, organize your content (and make it searchable!) in the best way to move your viewers from one video through a whole content journey. They won’t want to leave.

Control who can
see your content

Whether you’re using your Video Hub for external content or internal messages, you can decide who sees it. Content is safe, secure, and each video can even be email gated to identify viewers before they can click play.

All of this, and no coding necessary

All of this, and no coding necessary? It’s true. With no assistance needed from IT or web development teams, you can manage and share your content quickly and easily, so there’s never a delay connecting with your audience.

Hubs for your whole business

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Secure Comms

Share and convert audiences with marketing content

Product how-to videos, brand awareness campaigns, webinars, or even a whole Hub for marketing event matter what you’ve got, a Video Hub showcases your content, converts audiences through content journeys, and encourages loyalty with your brand.

Sell with engaging, distraction-free video

Organize your Video Hub to offer content that will help close deals. Video customer stories and testimonials, and product demos all living in your Hub can keep your leads’ interest on you and away from your competitors.

Unify employees with an secure comms library

Help your employees feel connected to your business and your leadership no matter where they’re located with town hall videos, executive messages, product announcements and more. Even can help them succeed in their roles and achieve their own goals by offering a Hub of internal training videos.