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Vidyard’s Security Pledge

We know how important security and privacy are to your company. That’s why we treat your data like gold. Vidyard works hard to build a relationship of trust between our customers, vendors, and partners.
Here’s how seriously we take security.

Learn more about Vidyard’s commitment to compliance and ensuring your videos are accessible to all audiences.

Vidyard’s Data Security

Data is secured using world-class encryption, both while in transit and at rest, with frequent encrypted backups.

We adhere to industry standard frameworks like NIST and ISO27001, and apply standard IAM concepts like RBAC and least privilege.

Vidyard’s infrastructure is managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trusted cloud services provider.

Vidyard’s Application Security

Vidyard undertakes CI/CD code analysis and peer-reviewed SLDC. We hold quarterly penetration tests and prioritize vulnerability remediation.

Our developers are trained in OWASP, security coding hygiene, and other security measures, with regular internal code testing and reviews.

Vidyard’s Ongoing Security Measures

Vidyard is SOC Type II-compliant. We utilize state-of-the-art monitoring and alerting tools.

We carry out quarterly business impact and risk auditing, with annual disaster recovery and business contingency plan testing exercises.

All Vidyard staff receive comprehensive security training on an annual basis.

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