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18-Day Sales Cadence

Need to book some more meetings by month-end? Try our 18-day, 15-step sales cadence to stand out and get those responses you deserve.

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The Really, Ridiculously Good Sales Cadence
Light pipe? Use this sprint cadence to book meetings FAST.

15-Steps to More Pipeline

From the initial cold call script to the break up email, this 18-day, 15-step cadence is guaranteed to help you book more meetings, and FAST.

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    What's In This Cadence?

    • Emails, calls, social connects, and videos to use at each step (including scripts).
    • Related resources to help you master cold calling, social selling, email and more.
    • A spicy email template your boss may not want you to use (but it does work!)

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    Day 9 of the Sales Cadence